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Senate Research Center

S.B. 30

83R1115 KEL-D

By: Zaffirini


Higher Education




As Filed






The National Research University Fund (NRUF) was created "to provide a dedicated, independent, and equitable source of funding to enable emerging research universities in this state to achieve national prominence as major research universities."  Eligibility of funds is based on an institution meeting certain benchmarks.  Current NRUF distribution is an amount equal to the sum of "one-seventh of the total amount appropriated; and an equal share of any amount remaining after distributions are calculated..., not to exceed an amount equal to one-fourth of that remaining amount."


Since the enactment of this distribution methodology, Texas State University has become an emerging research university and, at some point, will be eligible for NRUF distribution.  The statute should be updated to reflect this change and to address future changes.  S.B. 30 ensures that the amount is reflective of the number of institutions in the emerging research university category so that it does not have to be updated every time a new institution qualifies.


As proposed, S.B. 30 amends current law relating to the distribution of money appropriated from the national research university fund.




This bill does not expressly grant any additional rulemaking authority to a state officer, institution, or agency.




SECTION 1.  Amends Section 62.148(c), Education Code, to provide that, subject to Subsection (e) (relating to the eligibility for distributions of national research university fund appropriations), of the total amount appropriated from the national research university fund for distribution in a state fiscal year, each eligible institution is entitled to a distribution in an amount equal to the sum of a fraction of the total amount appropriated, the numerator of which is one and the denominator of which is the total number of general academic teaching institutions that are at the time of the distribution designated as emerging research universities under the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board's accountability system, rather than one-seventh of the total amount appropriated.


SECTION 2.  Makes application of this Act prospective.


SECTION 3.  Effective date: September 1, 2013.