83R10081 JGH-D
  By: Springer H.C.R. No. 84
         WHEREAS, The people of the Lone Star State are proud of their
  agricultural heritage, and for many years, the city of Floydada has
  been associated with one crop in particular, the pumpkin; and
         WHEREAS, The history of the pumpkin in Floyd County can be
  dated back to the 1540s and the time of the Spanish explorer
  Francisco Vasquez de Coronado, whose starving expedition was fed
  roasted pumpkins by native tribes who lived near Blanco Canyon; the
  modern pumpkin industry in Texas began with Floyd County farmer
  B. A. "Uncle Slim" Robertson, who began growing the squash on 10
  acres, selling produce by the side of the road; he later increased
  his acreage and went on to ship truckloads of pumpkins far and wide;
         WHEREAS, In recent times, Floydada has carried on "Slim"
  Robertson's legacy by making the pumpkin a mainstay of its economy
  and culture, and Floydada pumpkins and squashes have become coveted
  by consumers in Texas and beyond; the city produces between 15 and
  20 million pumpkins every year, ranging from the orange Jack
  O'Lantern to pie pumpkins to white and red pumpkins to Atlantic
  Giants, which can weigh several hundred pounds; and
         WHEREAS, The city has trademarked itself as the Pumpkin
  Capital of the United States, and since 1987, the second Saturday of
  every October has been celebrated in Floydada as Punkin Day, a
  festival that features every pumpkin-related activity imaginable,
  including pumpkin carving, pie baking, pumpkin bowling, and
  guessing the weight of giant pumpkins; and
         WHEREAS, Citizens of Floydada have long been proud of their
  association with this festive and nutritious agricultural product,
  which is both a significant source of revenue and an inspiration for
  high-spirited fun; now, therefore, be it
         RESOLVED, That the 83rd Legislature of the State of Texas
  hereby designate Floydada as the Pumpkin Capital of Texas.