83R4219 BK-D
  By: Harper-Brown H.R. No. 203
         WHEREAS, A Historic Texas Cemetery marker was dedicated at
  the Old Kit Cemetery on October 27, 2012; and
         WHEREAS, Now located within the Irving city limits, the
  cemetery is the last remaining vestige of Kit, a small farming
  community nestled between La Reunion and Peters Colony; initially
  called Gorbit, the community was renamed Kit in 1894, and Isaac
  Henry Story, who operated a grocery store in the hamlet, served as
  its first postmaster; and
         WHEREAS, The site of the Old Kit Cemetery has been used as a
  burial ground since 1896, when David Chadwell Britain donated 1.5
  acres for that purpose; Mr. Britain made the gift when a family that
  was passing through the area asked if they could bury their child,
  who had just died, in the grove of trees where they had camped;
  following its establishment, many members of Kit's earliest
  families were interred at the graveyard, including I. H. Story and
  the woman for whom the community was purportedly named, Catherine
  "Aunt Kit" King; and
         WHEREAS, Among the approximately 680 marked graves in the
  cemetery are those of French, German, and Belgian settlers, as well
  as individuals who traced their ancestry to the British Isles; some
  grave sites belong to Japanese laborers who were employed by the
  railroad company that built through the area around the turn of the
  20th century and to members of their families; the site also serves
  as the final resting place for veterans of the Civil War, the
  Spanish-American War, World Wars I and II, and the Korean and
  Vietnam Wars; the cemetery is still in use today, although burials
  are now restricted to direct descendants of the community's early
  residents; and
         WHEREAS, To promote the upkeep of this historic site, Old Kit
  Cemetery, Inc., was formed in 1947, and its members have worked
  tirelessly over the decades both to care for the cemetery and to
  foster an appreciation for its significance; as a result of their
  outstanding efforts, the Irving Heritage Society awarded a
  historical marker to the Old Kit Cemetery in 1998, and an Irving
  Centennial Celebration Task Force historical marker was conferred
  on the cemetery in 2004; the Texas Historical Commission recognized
  Old Kit as a Historic Texas Cemetery in May 2010, the same year that
  the burial ground entered the Texas RIP guardian program, which
  coordinates the preservation efforts of local volunteers; and
         WHEREAS, The Old Kit Cemetery evokes recollections not only
  of the challenges faced by early settlers in the region but also of
  their perseverance, and it is a pleasure to commend those dedicated
  volunteers who have given so generously of their time to maintain,
  research, and document this site for the benefit of posterity; now,
  therefore, be it
         RESOLVED, That the House of Representatives of the 83rd Texas
  Legislature hereby commemorate the dedication of a Historic Texas
  Cemetery marker at the Old Kit Cemetery and extend to all those
  involved with this project sincere appreciation for their
  commitment to preserving the heritage of the Lone Star State.