83R1663 LB-D
  By: Price H.R. No. 219
         WHEREAS, The 100th anniversary of the construction of the
  Conway Community Church was celebrated on September 30, 2012, at
  the church's current location on the Carson County Square House
  Museum grounds in Panhandle; and
         WHEREAS, The town of Conway, in southern Carson County, was
  platted in 1905, and an interdenominational church was built there
  in 1912 by popular subscription; the church housed regular worship
  services until 1968, when they ceased because of the community's
  declining population; and
         WHEREAS, The Conway Community Church then fell into
  disrepair, but former church members and area volunteers
  subsequently came together to restore the building and to relocate
  it to the Square House Museum property; the building was moved to
  Panhandle in 1991, and today the church hosts weddings, funerals,
  receptions, and special services; two markers from the Texas
  Historical Commission help tell the tale of this notable structure;
         WHEREAS, To celebrate the church's centennial, area
  residents held an old-fashioned dinner on the grounds, followed by
  a short service and singing; and
         WHEREAS, The Conway Community Church represents in a small
  but important way the traditions and history of the Texas
  Panhandle, and its continued existence and preservation are indeed
  deserving of recognition; now, therefore, be it
         RESOLVED, That the House of Representatives of the 83rd Texas
  Legislature hereby commemorate the 100th anniversary of the
  founding of the Conway Community Church and extend sincere
  appreciation to all those involved in its preservation.