83R5925 JWI-D
  By: Ashby H.R. No. 256
         WHEREAS, Proud residents of Lufkin and Angelina County are
  gathering in Austin on February 7, 2013, to celebrate Lufkin and
  Angelina County Day at the State Capitol; and
         WHEREAS, Set among the pine and hardwood forests of East
  Texas, this verdant area was first inhabited by the Caddo and
  Atakapan people; the county is said to be named after a Hainai
  Indian girl who aided Spanish missionaries in the early 1690s; and
         WHEREAS, In 1801, a settler named Vincente Micheli purchased
  5-1/2 leagues of land in the area from the chief of the Bedias
  tribe; Anglo American settlers began to arrive in 1820, and the
  Mexican government issued land grants in the region in the
  mid-1830s; after Texas independence, Angelina County was
  established from part of Nacogdoches County in 1846, and Lufkin was
  made county seat in 1892; and
         WHEREAS, Following the arrival of the railroad in 1882,
  lumber became the foundation of Angelina County's economy; by the
  turn of the 20th century, the nation's need for southern pine
  supported more than 15 lumber companies in the county; today,
  lumber, paper, and the manufacturing of oil-field equipment
  continue to be mainstays of the county's prosperity; and
         WHEREAS, Residents and visitors alike enjoy the region's fine
  recreational opportunities; the Angelina National Forest is a
  favorite for hikers and campers, while the Sam Rayburn Reservoir is
  known for its boating, fishing, and waterskiing; the county's
  forestlands are also a prime habitat for many species of birds,
  drawing birdwatchers from around the state and nation; and
         WHEREAS, As the largest town and the seat of government,
  Lufkin serves as the center of operations for many of the businesses
  in the county, particularly those revolving around the processing
  of lumber and wood products; that industry's development is
  chronicled at the Texas Forestry Museum, and the city includes
  several other notable attractions, including the Museum of East
  Texas, the Ellen Trout Zoo and Park, and the Medford Collection of
  Western Art, which exhibits the work of notable contemporary
  artists; in addition, Lufkin is home to the campus of Angelina
  College; and
         WHEREAS, Its scenic beauty and the industriousness and
  creativity of its people combine to make Angelina County a vital and
  dynamic part of the Lone Star State, and the members of this chamber
  take great pleasure in recognizing this fine county's contribution
  to the heritage of Texas; now, therefore, be it
         RESOLVED, That the House of Representatives of the 83rd Texas
  Legislature hereby recognize February 7, 2013, as Lufkin and
  Angelina County Day at the State Capitol and extend to the visiting
  delegation best wishes for a meaningful and memorable stay in