By: Stickland H.R. No. 769
         WHEREAS, the Capitol belongs to the people of Texas and the
  Representatives who convene therein and operate under the authority
  of the consent of the governed; and
         WHEREAS, there is no distinction in class or privilege
  between the legislators, their employees, and the people of Texas
  except that the former are servants of the people; and
         WHEREAS, a free and open Texas State Capitol is the
  embodiment of these recognitions, as well as, the cherished
  tradition of freedom and democracy in this State; and
         WHEREAS, a siege mentality by government officials should be
  avoided at all costs as we must not lose perspective about our
  purpose and the source of that purpose; and
         WHEREAS, the use of metal detectors constitutes a search of
  all citizens entering their Capitol; and
         WHEREAS, the power of search and seizure is so great a power
  that the American Founding Fathers thought it necessary to limit
  its use in the Constitution by name; and
         WHEREAS, the installation of metal detectors and searches
  required for entry by citizens into their Capitol is not reasonable
  in either its efficacy or justification; and
         WHEREAS, historic incidences illustrate that unless all
  individuals including elected officials and their staff entering
  the building at all times of day are searched, the use of metal
  detectors is ineffective in preventing firearms from entering a
  building; and
         WHEREAS, under Texas law, it is legal to carry a firearm into
  the State Capitol; and
         WHEREAS, the men and women of the Texas Department of Public
  Safety possess the highest skill and ability and have proven in
  every instance capable of handling the threats which metal
  detectors attempt to address; and
         WHEREAS, metal detectors and searches constitute a barrier
  between the citizens of Texas and their government and send the
  message to citizens that they are not truly welcome in the halls of
  their government; and
         WHEREAS, Texans understand that with freedom and openness
  there is an assumption of risk for ourselves and our progeny, yet it
  constitutes a sacred barter, where in the exchange, we secure our
  most precious possession which is liberty for ourselves and our
  children; and
         WHEREAS, many Texans have made the ultimate sacrifice for our
  liberties so that we may maintain a free and open government and we
  should not easily cast aside their hard won bequests to our
  generation; now, therefore, be it
         RESOLVED, That the House of Representatives of the 83rd Texas
  Legislature finds that metal detectors and searches should not be
  utilized at any entrance into the State Capitol and urges the Texas
  State Preservation Board to take action to remove the metal
  detectors currently in place; and, be it further
         RESOLVED, that a copy of this resolution be delivered to the
  members of the Texas State Preservation Board.