83R25091 BPG-D
  By: Strama H.R. No. 1873
         WHEREAS, The Texas Science, Technology, Engineering and
  Mathematics Initiative is joining with its schools, centers, and
  partners to observe STEM Education Week May 6-12, 2013; and
         WHEREAS, Presenting a framework to empower teachers, inspire
  students, and advance innovation and research, T-STEM is a
  public-private initiative of academies, professional development
  centers, and networks; they work together to improve instruction
  and academic performance in subjects related to science and
  mathematics; and
         WHEREAS, The Texas Education Agency has designated 65 T-STEM
  Academies, which currently serve more than 35,000 students;
  functioning as demonstration schools and learning labs, the
  academy's objectives include increasing the number of students
  entering postsecondary studies and careers in STEM, as well as
  promoting the long-term development of STEM fields; they also seek
  to facilitate strong leadership in support of school redesign
  efforts, quality teacher recruitment, and improved teacher
  preparation; in 2010, achievement data showed T-STEM Academies were
  outperforming peer schools; and
         WHEREAS, Today, the number of jobs in STEM fields is growing
  rapidly, especially in Texas; in order to ensure that future
  professionals acquire the necessary deep content knowledge and
  skills, the state has made significant investments in STEM, driving
  substantial gains in student achievement and fostering
  cross-sector collaboration; and
         WHEREAS, The continued prosperity of the Lone Star State
  depends on the availability of a skilled workforce with a solid
  foundation in the necessary disciplines, and the expansion of
  educational opportunities in STEM is a matter of vital concern to
  all Texans; now, therefore, be it
         RESOLVED, That the House of Representatives of the 83rd Texas
  Legislature hereby recognize May 6-12, 2013, as STEM Education Week
  and commend all those engaged in the effort to make our state a
  national leader in science, technology, engineering, and