In Memory
  Kenneth Raymond Fleenor
         WHEREAS, The Senate of the State of Texas honors and
  commemorates the life of United States Air Force Brigadier
  General Kenneth Raymond Fleenor, Retired, who died
  December 10, 2010, at the age of 81; and
         WHEREAS, Kenneth Fleenor was born and raised in Bowling
  Green, Kentucky, and graduated from Western Kentucky State
  University; and
         WHEREAS, He served the nation with distinction in the armed
  forces for 28 years; while he was serving in Vietnam, his F-4
  Phantom fighter jet was shot down near Hanoi, and he spent more
  than five years as a prisoner of war, enduring starvation,
  isolation, and torture; after his release from captivity in 1973,
  he continued his military career and held numerous important
  posts at Randolph Air Force Base, including Base Commander, Wing
  Commander, and Deputy Commander of Operations for the Air
  Training Command; and
         WHEREAS, General Fleenor went on to work for the state as a
  coordinator for Texans War on Drugs, and he was on the boards of
  numerous companies; for 10 years, he served the citizens of Selma
  as a city council member and as mayor; and
         WHEREAS, A man of courage, strength, and compassion, he
  gave generously to others, and his wisdom and foresight will not
  be forgotten by those who knew him; and
         WHEREAS, He was a devoted husband, father, and
  grandfather, and he left behind memories that will be treasured
  forever by his family and many friends; now, therefore, be it
         RESOLVED, That the Senate of the State of Texas,
  83rd Legislature, hereby pay tribute to the legacy of Brigadier
  General Kenneth Raymond Fleenor; and, be it further
         RESOLVED, That a copy of this Resolution be prepared for
  his family to commemorate the life of this dedicated patriot, and
  that when the Senate adjourns this day, it do so in memory of
  Kenneth Fleenor.
        President of the Senate
        I hereby certify that the
    above Resolution was adopted by
    the Senate on February 12, 2013,
    by a rising vote.
        Secretary of the Senate
         Member, Texas Senate