Daily House Calendar

Thursday, May 02, 2013



********** GENERAL STATE CALENDAR **********

HB 3201             Kolkhorst

Relating to the practice of dentistry; imposing surcharges and fees.

HB 983              Elkins

Relating to the eligibility of temporary election officers for unemployment compensation.

HB 985              Elkins

Relating to the deadlines by which provisional ballots must be processed and the state canvass must be conducted for certain elections.

HB 1010             King, Susan

Relating to the penalty for causing certain assaultive physical contact with a child.

HB 1081             González, Mary / Nevárez

Relating to a study regarding the prohibition of dairy farming in certain areas of the state.

HB 1324             Davis, John / et al.

Relating to exclusion of land from certain water districts that fail to provide service to the land; clarifying and limiting the authority of those districts with outstanding bonds payable from ad valorem taxes to impose taxes on excluded land.

HB 585              Villarreal / Workman / King, Phil

Relating to ad valorem taxation; creating an offense.

HB 3651             Guillen

Relating to the management and use of the Texas preservation trust fund.

HB 205              McClendon / Kolkhorst / Burkett / Davis, John / Rose

Relating to the allocation of outpatient mental health services and beds in certain mental health facilities and the commitment of certain persons to receive mental health services.

HB 439              Dutton

Relating to the restoration of certain rights to a criminal defendant.

HB 658              Sheets

Relating to postjudgment interest on damages subject to Medicare subrogation.

HB 1134             Darby

Relating to performance and payment security for certain comprehensive development agreements.

HB 1307             Geren / Ritter / Flynn / Pitts / Hilderbran / et al.

Relating to rates for water service, to the transfer of functions relating to the economic regulation of water and sewer service from the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality to the Public Utility Commission of Texas, and to the duties of the Office of Public Utility Counsel regarding the economic regulation of water and sewer service.

HB 2020             Crownover / Alvarado

Relating to the adoption of wellness policies and programs by state agencies.

HB 2294             Kuempel

Relating to an exemption from air conditioning and refrigeration contracting regulation for installation of a thermostat.

HB 2962             Harper-Brown

Relating to the use of a credit or charge card by certain state agencies to make certain purchases.

HB 3460             Eiland

Relating to the requirement that certain information be reported to the Texas Department of Insurance and the confidentiality of that information.

HB 194              Farias / Ratliff / Menéndez / Guerra / et al.

Relating to considering ownership interests of certain disabled veterans in determining whether a business is a historically underutilized business for purposes of state contracting.

HB 3105             Morrison

Relating to availability of certain benefits under individual accident and health insurance policies.

HB 3158             Zerwas / Rose

Relating to Medicaid managed care pilot programs for contracts with provider-directed managed care organizations, including organizations that delegate to health care collaboratives, and to the establishment of those collaboratives.

HB 3436             Cook

Relating to formal action of responsible governmental entities on certain proposals or bids for certain projects.

HB 3572             Hilderbran / Eiland / Otto / Bohac / et al.

Relating to the administration, collection, and enforcement of taxes on mixed beverages; imposing a tax on sales of mixed beverages; decreasing the rate of the current tax on mixed beverages.

HB 3556             Kolkhorst

Relating to the licensing and regulation of emergency medical services providers and a moratorium on the issuance of emergency medical services provider licenses.

HB 3238             McClendon / Naishtat / Coleman / Davis, John / Zerwas

Relating to disease control pilot programs to reduce the risk of certain communicable diseases; authorizing a fee.

HB 2315             Villarreal

Relating to authorized charges and terms for certain consumer loans.