Local, Consent, and Resolutions Calendar

Thursday, April 11, 2013
10:00 AM



********** HOUSE BILLS AND RESOLUTIONS **********

HB 35               Menéndez

Relating to the authority of a property owners' association to regulate the use of certain lots for residential purposes.

HB 120              Larson

Relating to the issuance of military specialty license plates; providing an exemption from a fee.

HB 150              Larson / Miller, Rick / Sheets / Farias / Anderson / et al.

Relating to the display of flags at half-staff at the Capitol building to honor service members killed in action.

HB 195              Farias

Relating to the availability on the Internet of reports of political expenditures and contributions filed in connection with certain county and municipal offices.

HB 200              Murphy / Thompson, Senfronia / Smith / Coleman / Davis, Sarah / et al.

Relating to liability of certain electric utilities that allow certain uses of land that the electric utility owns, occupies, or leases.

HB 232              Guillen

Relating to allowing certain minors convicted of certain alcohol offenses to perform community service instead of attending an alcohol awareness program.

HB 248              Walle

Relating to the regulation of automotive wrecking and salvage yards in certain counties.

HB 338              Guillen

Relating to the court in which a hearing regarding the towing of a motor vehicle may be held.

HB 377              Burnam

Relating to the designation of a portion of Interstate Highway 35W as the Cesar Chavez Memorial Freeway.

HB 389              Thompson, Senfronia

Relating to the enforcement of spousal maintenance agreements and property distribution agreements incident to divorce or annulment.

HB 474              Muñoz, Jr. / Guerra

Relating to an optional procedure for the issuance of a permit by certain governmental entities for the movement of oversize or overweight vehicles carrying agricultural products; authorizing a fee.

HB 502              Hernandez Luna

Relating to the practice of dentistry.

HB 525              Aycock / Turner, Chris / Sheffield, Ralph / Sheffield, J. D.

Relating to the collection of data relating to military-connected students through the Public Education Information Management System (PEIMS).

HB 560              Davis, John

Relating to the appointment of honorary or advisory directors of a credit union.

HB 567              Smith

Relating to the definition of an authorized emergency vehicle.

HB 588              Craddick

Relating to the regulation of the practice of physical therapy; authorizing fees.

HB 610              Larson

Relating to an exemption from license requirements for the sale of certain manufactured housing.

HB 616              Darby

Relating to the civil jurisdiction of the County Court of Glasscock County.

HB 633              Farias / Moody

Relating to a voluntary contribution to the fund for veterans' assistance when applying for a driver's license or personal identification certificate.

HB 699              Davis, John

Relating to the location of certain public sales of real property.

HB 701              Farney

Relating to the Corn Hill Regional Water Authority; providing authority to impose fees and taxes.

HB 719              Morrison

Relating to the operation of a golf cart or utility vehicle on a public highway in certain counties.

HB 748              Raymond

Relating to a waiver allowing the Department of Family and Protective Services to use certain federal funds to test innovation strategies in child welfare programs.

HB 752              Longoria

Relating to the types of entities that are considered municipal water suppliers for purposes of the law governing the effect of the subdivision of certain land on certain irrigation water rights.

HB 753              Villarreal

Relating to certain information to be provided by school districts to parents concerning supplemental educational services and to Texas Education Agency approval and investigation of supplemental educational services providers.

HB 776              Guillen

Relating to the McMullen Groundwater Conservation District; providing for the imposition of and limiting the rate at which the district may impose an ad valorem tax.

HB 789              King, Phil

Relating to the allowance in lieu of exempt property in the administration of a decedent's estate.

HB 807              Zerwas

Relating to the practice of psychology; authorizing a fee.

HB 893              Geren

Relating to consumption of alcoholic beverages in certain public entertainment facilities.

HB 929              Aycock

Relating to the Parrie Haynes Trust.

HB 944              Riddle

Relating to an exemption from license requirements for a limited number of sales of manufactured housing.

HB 978              Raymond

Relating to the transportation of certain patients to a mental health facility.

HB 1016             Davis, Sarah

Relating to legal representation for civil suits against peace officers employed by a school district.

HB 1093             Fletcher

Relating to the composition of the Texas Private Security Board.

HB 1106             Larson

Relating to the identification and operation of vessels in the waters of this state; authorizing a change in fees.

HB 1158             Kuempel

Relating to the amendment of restrictive covenants applicable to certain subdivisions.

HB 1222             Turner, Chris

Relating to venue for certain alleged violations or offenses under the Water Safety Act.

HB 1238             Price

Relating to the designation of a portion of U.S. Highway 287 in Sherman and Dallam Counties as the Trooper Bobby Steve Booth Memorial Highway.

HB 1248             Bell

Relating to the composition of the 155th Judicial District.

HB 1268             Harper-Brown

Relating to the peace officers authorized to operate an authorized emergency service vehicle used to conduct a police escort.

HB 1271             Martinez Fischer

Relating to providing links in the online text of proposed legislation to other state laws referenced in that legislation.

HB 1272             Thompson, Senfronia / Fletcher / McClendon / Harless / Riddle

Relating to the continuation and duties of the Human Trafficking Prevention Task Force.

HB 1296             Alvarado / Davis, John

Relating to information regarding postsecondary education and career opportunities and workforce needs in this state.

HB 1297             Alvarado / Davis, John

Relating to the review of certain skills development fund workforce training programs.

HB 1334             Márquez

Relating to the composition of the El Paso County juvenile board.

HB 1347             González, Mary / Gonzalez, Naomi

Relating to the use of El Paso Mission Valley specialty license plate fees for the preservation and rehabilitation of the Socorro, San Elizario, and Ysleta Missions.

HB 1521             Clardy

Relating to the slaughter of certain domestic or exotic fowl infected with or exposed to disease and compensation of owners of fowl infected with or exposed to disease.

HB 1550             Bell

Relating to unemployment compensation chargebacks regarding certain persons who are involuntarily separated from employment.

HB 1589             Cortez / et al.

Relating to the awarding of the Texas Legislative Medal of Honor.

HB 1711             Fletcher

Relating to civil liability for prohibited barratry.

HB 1718             Guillen

Relating to the eligibility of certain terminally ill individuals to purchase a resident hunting license.

HB 1738             Naishtat / Burkett

Relating to a standard form of notification for the detention of a person with mental illness.

HB 1871             King, Tracy O.

Relating to the allocation of the expenses of a joint election to certain school districts.

HB 1968             Deshotel

Relating to the transfer of certain state property from the Texas Juvenile Justice Department to Jefferson County.

HB 2035             Vo

Relating to the shared work unemployment compensation program.

HB 2738             Elkins

Relating to a study by the Department of Information Resources regarding state agency technology efficiency.

HCR 31              Eiland

Designating the Kemp's ridley sea turtle as the official State Sea Turtle of Texas.

HCR 36              Smith

Designating February 16 as Texas Homemade Pie Day for a 10-year period beginning in 2013.

HCR 43              Geren

Authorizing the lieutenant governor and speaker to appoint interim joint committees.

HR 128              Workman / Kacal / Raney / Larson / Aycock

Granting Texas Aggie Muster permission to use the house chamber on April 21, 2013.