Wednesday, May 15, 2013




********** SENATE AMENDMENTS **********

Senate amendment printings:

ELIGIBLE AT 7:00 PM MAY 10, 2013:

HB 949              Smithee / Thompson, Senfronia / Alonzo

Relating to continuation of automobile insurance coverage for certain motor vehicles acquired during a personal automobile insurance policy term.
     Committee Substitute, consisting of 3 pages total.

ELIGIBLE AT 6:50 PM MAY 14, 2013:

HB 1738             Naishtat / Burkett

Relating to the emergency detention by a peace officer of a person who may have mental illness, including information provided to the person subject to detention and a standard form of notification of detention to be provided to a facility by a peace officer.
     Committee Substitute, consisting of 6 pages total.

ELIGIBLE AT 11:30 AM MAY 15, 2013:

HB 740              Crownover / Thompson, Senfronia / Keffer / et al.

Relating to newborn screening for critical congenital heart disease and other disorders.
     1 Amendment, consisting of 1 page total.

ELIGIBLE AT 11:40 AM MAY 15, 2013:

HB 1717             Price

Relating to the continuation and functions of the Texas Board of Architectural Examiners; changing certain fees.
     1 Amendment, consisting of 1 page total.

ELIGIBLE AT 3:10 PM MAY 15, 2013:

HB 752              Longoria

Relating to the types of entities that are considered municipal water suppliers for purposes of the law governing the effect of the subdivision of certain land on certain irrigation water rights.
     1 Amendment, consisting of 3 pages total.



********** CONFERENCE COMMITTEE **********

Conference Committee Reports:

ELIGIBLE AT 1:50 PM MAY 15, 2013:

SB 1312             Schwertner

SP: Aycock

Relating to the regulation and practice of veterinary medicine; authorizing a fee.