Senate Floor Action for 2/11/2013



February 11, 2013

Committee referral on the following:

SCR 9 Eltife

Authorizing the lieutenant governor and speaker to appoint interim joint committees.


SB 351 Hegar

Relating to the powers and duties of the Willow Point Municipal Utility District of Fort Bend and Waller Counties; providing authority to impose a tax and issue bonds.

Intergovernmental Relations

SB 352 West

Relating to a visitation plan for certain children taken into possession by the Department of Family and Protective Services.


SB 353 West

Relating to the ability of an emergency shelter facility to provide shelter or care for an unaccompanied minor without a license.


SB 354 West

Relating to permitting electronic delivery of certain documents in a criminal case.

Criminal Justice

SB 355 West

Relating to the powers and duties of the Title IV-D agency regarding the establishment, collection, and enforcement of child support and in connection with an application for a marriage license or protective order; providing an administrative fine.


SB 356 Carona

Relating to the audit of court registry funds in certain counties.

Intergovernmental Relations

SB 357 Hinojosa

Relating to the issuance of protective orders for certain sexual, stalking, and trafficking offenses.

Criminal Justice

SB 358 Hinojosa

Relating to the use of a polygraph statement as evidence that a defendant has violated a condition of release on community supervision.

Criminal Justice

SB 359 Hinojosa

Relating to the selection of certain members of the board of directors of an appraisal district.

Intergovernmental Relations

SB 360 Watson

Relating to methods used by an animal shelter to euthanize a dog or cat.

Health & Human Services

SB 361 Watson

Relating to the duties of a magistrate to inform an arrested person of consequences of a plea of guilty or nolo contendere.

Agriculture, Rural Affairs & Homeland Security

SB 362 Watson

Relating to the practice of cosmetology.

Business & Commerce

SB 363 Uresti

Relating to prohibited exemptions from state bar examination requirements for attorneys who hold law licenses issued by certain other states.


SB 364 Eltife

Relating to the authority of certain municipalities to provide sewer service to areas within the municipal boundaries without obtaining a certificate of public convenience and necessity.

Natural Resources

SB 365 Carona

Relating to expedited credentialing for certain podiatrists providing services under a managed care plan.

State Affairs

SB 366 Taylor

Relating to the authority of political subdivisions to offer certain deferred compensation plans to employees.

State Affairs

SB 367 Whitmire

Relating to the disposition of abandoned or unclaimed property seized at the time of certain arrests.

Criminal Justice

SB 368 Whitmire

Relating to the release by a sheriff of certain defendants to an electronic monitoring or house arrest program.

Criminal Justice

SB 369 Whitmire

Relating to certain information available to the public on a central database containing information about sex offenders.

Criminal Justice

SB 370 Lucio

Relating to authorizing certain current and former members of the state legislature to conduct a marriage ceremony.


SB 371 Lucio

Relating to the manner in which the tax on the even exchange of motor vehicles is applied.


SB 372 Lucio

Relating to the exemption from the sales and use tax for property used in manufacturing.


SB 373 Lucio

Relating to indexing fees charged for certain nonresident hunting and fishing licenses to fees charged for certain resident hunting and fishing licenses.

Natural Resources

SB 374 Lucio

Relating to a 14-day general hunting license for non-residents; imposing a fee.

Natural Resources

SB 375 Lucio

Relating to the expiration date of hunting and fishing licenses, stamps, permits, or tags.

Natural Resources

SB 376 Lucio

Relating to breakfast for certain public school students.


SB 377 Lucio

Relating to considering the performance of certain students on state assessment instruments in evaluating school district and campus performance.


SB 378 Lucio

Relating to a study to determine public school facility needs.