Senate Floor Action for 3/19/2013



March 19, 2013

The Senate suspended the necessary rules to consider and finally pass:

SJR 13 Eltife/ et al.

Proposing a constitutional amendment limiting to two the number of consecutive terms for which a person may be elected or appointed to hold certain state offices.

SB 160 Huffman

Relating to the identification of a person as an election poll watcher.

1 Floor Amendment

SB 330 (CS) (LC)Huffman/ et al.

Relating to certain information to which a social study evaluator is entitled in a suit affecting the parent-child relationship; providing a criminal penalty.

The Senate adopted the following resolutions:

SR 86 Huffman/ et al.

Recognizing March 19, 2013, as Brazoria County Day at the State Capitol.

SR 260 West

Recognizing Saint Luke “Community” United Methodist Church of Dallas on the occasion of its 80th anniversary.

SR 459 Huffman/ et al.

Recognizing the Facts on the occasion of its 100th anniversary.

SR 469 Taylor

Recognizing March 19, 2013, as NASA Space Day at the State Capitol.

SR 472 Uresti

In memory of Raymond Paul Harle.

SR 484 Birdwell/ Davis

Recognizing the members of the Burleson Area Chamber of Commerce.

SR 486 Zaffirini

Recognizing the 100th anniversary of Jim Hogg County.

SR 487 Zaffirini

Commending Linda Jo G. Soliz on her service to her community.

SR 488 Zaffirini

Recognizing First National Bank of Hebbronville on the occasion of its 100th anniversary.

Committee referral on the following:

SB 10 Van de Putte

Relating to employment, higher education, and state purchasing programs for veterans.

Veteran Affairs & Military Installations

SB 1383 Hancock

Relating to requiring municipalities to provide compensation for certain signs required to be relocated due to road construction.

Intergovernmental Relations

SB 1501 Rodríguez

Relating to the allocation of state revenue used to provide financial assistance to political subdivisions for water supply projects.

Natural Resources

SB 1502 Lucio

Relating to providing parents with notice of a school district's promotion and retention policies.


SB 1503 Lucio

Relating to the licensing and regulation of amusement redemption machines at certain locations; providing penalties.

State Affairs

SB 1504 Lucio

Relating to the imposition of the sales and use tax on taxable items sold or provided under certain contracts.


SB 1505 Schwertner

Relating to the frequency of the release of questions and answer keys to state assessment instruments administered in public schools.


SB 1506 Schwertner

Relating to fire safety inspections.

Business & Commerce

SB 1507 Ellis

Relating to the eligibility of certain persons younger than 18 years of age to preregister to vote.

State Affairs

SB 1508 Hegar

Relating to the rendition of certain property.


SB 1509 Seliger

Relating to college readiness and success.

Higher Education

SB 1510 Hinojosa

Relating to the public notice required to be provided by certain taxing units before adopting an ad valorem tax rate.


SB 1511 Ellis

Relating to appraisal of land that is available to the public.


SB 1512 Ellis

Relating to the confidentiality of certain crime scene photographs and video recordings; providing a criminal penalty.

Open Government

SB 1513 Ellis

Relating to the interlocutory appeal of a denial of a motion to dismiss in an action involving the exercise of certain constitutional rights.

State Affairs

SB 1514 Ellis

Relating to a correction, clarification, or retraction of incorrect information published.

State Affairs

SB 1515 Ellis

Relating to the operation of a motor vehicle in the vicinity of an unprotected road user; providing penalties.


SB 1516 West

Relating to the on-premises consumption of certain alcoholic beverages; providing a penalty and authorizing a fee.

Business & Commerce

SB 1517 Van de Putte

Relating to the placement of a child in disciplinary seclusion in a juvenile facility.

Criminal Justice

SB 1518 Van de Putte

Relating to the computation of the franchise tax by a taxable entity engaged in Internet hosting.


SB 1519 Van de Putte

Relating to educational materials on pardons for victims of trafficking of persons.

Criminal Justice

SB 1520 Van de Putte

Relating to the assessment of juveniles who are victims of sex trafficking.

Criminal Justice

SB 1521 Davis

Relating to an allotment under the public school finance system for dropout prevention.


SB 1522 Hegar

Relating to the responsibility of the county to hold certain persons in county jail before a return or transfer of the person to the Texas Department of Criminal Justice.

Criminal Justice

SB 1523 Hegar

Relating to changing the amount of the application fee for a certificate of registration as a private professional guardian.


SB 1524 Seliger

Relating to the composition of districts for the election of members of the Texas Legislature and the United States House of Representatives from Texas.

State Affairs

SB 1525 Zaffirini

Relating to including disability awareness training in risk management programs required for members and advisors of student organizations at postsecondary educational institutions.

Higher Education

SB 1526 Ellis

Relating to criminal history background checks in connection with firearm transfers; creating offenses.

Criminal Justice

SB 1527 Ellis

Relating to the creation of certain offenses concerning firearm sales at gun shows.

Agriculture, Rural Affairs & Homeland Security

SB 1528 Hinojosa

Relating to identification and implementation of hospital funding solutions related to the Medicaid program.

Health & Human Services

SB 1529 West

Relating to an exemption from property taxation for certain facilities that convert landfill generated methane into renewable natural gas.


SB 1530 Seliger

Relating to the admission of undergraduate students to public institutions of higher education.

Higher Education

SB 1531 Seliger

Relating to providing information to entering undergraduate students at general academic teaching institutions to promote timely graduation.

Higher Education

SB 1532 Zaffirini

Relating to the power of the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality to authorize certain injection wells that transect or terminate in the Edwards Aquifer.

Natural Resources

SB 1533 Carona

Relating to municipal sales and use tax remittances by certain retailers.


SB 1534 Ellis

Relating to the automatic recurring payment of State Bar of Texas membership and additional fees.


SB 1535 West

Relating to increased oversight by the Department of State Health Services of hospitals that commit certain violations.

Health & Human Services

SB 1536 Van de Putte

Relating to the Texas military; imposing criminal penalties; authorizing fees.

Veteran Affairs & Military Installations

SB 1537 Deuell

Relating to certain required notices under the Texas Unemployment Compensation Act, including employer liability arising from failure to provide the notice.

Economic Development

SB 1538 Van de Putte/ Lucio

Relating to evaluating the performance, including computing dropout and completion rates, of public schools, including schools designated as dropout recovery schools and residential facilities.


SB 1539 Van de Putte

Relating to professional development training for certain public school personnel regarding student disciplinary procedures.


SB 1540 Van de Putte

Relating to the establishment of the disaster identification system for a state of disaster.

Agriculture, Rural Affairs & Homeland Security

SB 1541 Van de Putte

Relating to discipline of public school students by school bus drivers.


SB 1542 Van de Putte

Relating to clinical initiatives to improve the quality of care and cost-effectiveness of the Medicaid program.

Health & Human Services

SB 1544 Van de Putte

Relating to payment of and disclosures related to certain ambulatory surgical center charges.

State Affairs

SB 1545 Van de Putte

Relating to preregistration for participants in a political party's precinct conventions.

State Affairs

SB 1546 Eltife

Relating to the management and use of the Texas preservation trust fund.

Government Organization

SB 1547 Van de Putte

Relating to requiring the holders of certain alcoholic beverage permits and licenses to sell certain nonalcoholic beverages.

Business & Commerce

SB 1548 Eltife

Relating to the definition of "qualified employee" in an enterprise zone.

Economic Development

SB 1549 Lucio

Relating to pre-event disaster recovery program administration contracts in certain counties.

Agriculture, Rural Affairs & Homeland Security

SB 1550 Lucio

Relating to the amount and payment of attorney's fees in certain workers' compensation cases.

State Affairs

SB 1551 Lucio

Relating to the provision of affordable housing and other services in the Lower Rio Grande Valley.

Intergovernmental Relations

SB 1553 Lucio/ Van de Putte

Relating to the Homes for Texas Heroes home loan program.

Veteran Affairs & Military Installations

SB 1554 Lucio

Relating to the establishment of a matching grant program for rural economic development.

Agriculture, Rural Affairs & Homeland Security

SB 1555 Lucio

Relating to requirements for state educator certification examinations.


SB 1556 Seliger

Relating to the establishment of the School Safety Advisory Council and School Safety Certification Program.


SB 1557 Lucio/ Seliger/ Van de Putte

Relating to business participation in supporting early college high schools.


SB 1558 Taylor

Relating to the sale of event tickets.

Business & Commerce

SB 1559 Lucio

Relating to collection of fees for solid waste management in certain counties.

Intergovernmental Relations

SB 1560 Taylor

Relating to easements used for dune construction and maintenance projects.

Natural Resources

SB 1561 Taylor

Relating to the determination of the boundaries of, and the enforcement of the law governing access to, public beaches.

Natural Resources

SB 1562 Ellis

Relating to the applicability of the public information law to certain nongovernmental entities involved in law enforcement and corrections.

Open Government

SB 1563 Ellis

Relating to the definition of and access to public information.

Open Government

SB 1564 Ellis

Relating to an increase in the cigarette tax to fund the child health plan program.


SB 1565 Davis

Relating to the office of public insurance counsel's ability to initiate a hearing on insurance rates or rate filings.

Business & Commerce

SB 1566 Davis

Relating to the use by insurers of a standard residential property insurance policy form.

Business & Commerce

SB 1567 Davis

Relating to coverage of certain persons under an automobile insurance policy.

Business & Commerce

SB 1568 Davis

Relating to the minimum required term for personal automobile insurance policies used to demonstrate proof of financial responsibility.

Business & Commerce

SB 1569 Hinojosa

Relating to a municipality's comprehensive plan.

Intergovernmental Relations

SB 1570 Patrick

Relating to consideration of a bidder's principal place of business by public junior college districts in awarding certain contracts.

Higher Education

SB 1571 Patrick

Relating to home-rule school district charters and to the applicability of certain laws and procedures to those districts.


SB 1572 Patrick

Relating to the character of and citation to enacted legislation.

State Affairs

SB 1573 Patrick

Relating to the amount of money authorized to be used for Clean Air Act local initiative projects related to vehicles.

Natural Resources

SB 1574 Lucio

Relating to the authority of certain counties and the General Land Office to temporarily close a beach or a beach access point.

Natural Resources

SB 1575 Campbell/ Paxton

Relating to state savings and government efficiency through a taxpayer savings grant program.


SB 1576 Zaffirini

Relating to a study and report of issues affecting persons with disabilities at state agencies and postsecondary educational institutions.

Health & Human Services

SB 1578 Duncan

Relating to the calculation of a service retirement annuity for certain members of the elected class.

State Affairs

SB 1579 Taylor

Relating to the appointment of a watermaster for the Brazos River Basin.

Natural Resources

SB 1580 Hinojosa

Relating to an exemption from the franchise tax for certain political subdivision corporations.


SB 1581 Hinojosa

Relating to the regulation of secondary market transactions related to the business of life settlements; providing penalties; authorizing fees.

Business & Commerce

SB 1582 Ellis

Relating to automatic voter registration on issuance or change of a driver's license or identification card by the Department of Public Safety.

State Affairs

SB 1583 Ellis

Relating to extending the court's jurisdiction in a suit affecting the parent-child relationship over certain young people for purposes of obtaining special immigrant juvenile status and Department of Family and Protective Services policies for handling cases involving those young people.


SB 1584 Rodríguez

Relating to the validation of the dissolution of the Development Corporation of Presidio and the creation of the Presidio Municipal Development District.

Economic Development

SB 1585 Rodríguez

Relating to the authority of certain counties to impose a hotel occupancy tax for the operation and maintenance of a fairground, county barn, and county park in the county.

Economic Development

SB 1586 Rodríguez

Relating to the definition of distributed renewable generation for certain generation systems installed on publicly owned land.

Business & Commerce

SB 1587 Zaffirini

Relating to establishment of the Texas Early Learning Council.


SB 1588 Zaffirini

Relating to the regulation of child-care providers by the Texas Workforce Commission and local workforce development boards.

Health & Human Services

SB 1589 Zaffirini

Relating to assistance and education regarding personal finance for certain children in foster care.

Health & Human Services

SB 1590 Zaffirini

Relating to requirements for personal financial literacy training offered by public school districts and public universities.

Higher Education

SB 1591 Zaffirini

Relating to the emergency detention of persons with mental illness.

Health & Human Services

SB 1592 Zaffirini

Relating to a peace officer's determination whether medical services are needed for persons apprehended for emergency detention.

Criminal Justice

SB 1593 Zaffirini

Relating to a standard form of notification for the detention of a person with mental illness.

Health & Human Services

SB 1594 Zaffirini

Relating to the criteria for commitment of a person with mental illness.

Health & Human Services

SB 1595 Zaffirini

Relating to the nature of delivery of services to a person with mental illness.

Health & Human Services

SB 1596 Zaffirini

Relating to the annexation by a municipality of territory of an emergency services district.

Intergovernmental Relations

SB 1597 Zaffirini

Relating to the development of state agency information security plans.

Government Organization

SB 1598 Zaffirini

Relating to the authority of the chief appraiser of an appraisal district or a representative of the chief appraiser to enter the premises of a business, trade, or profession for ad valorem tax appraisal purposes.


SB 1599 Zaffirini

Relating to county and municipal land development regulation.

Intergovernmental Relations

SB 1600 Zaffirini

Relating to authorizing the county clerk in certain counties to conduct a marriage ceremony and collect a related fee.


SB 1817 Lucio

Relating to municipally owned utility systems.

Natural Resources

SB 1818 Lucio

Relating to the creation of a statutory probate court in Cameron County.


SB 1819 Deuell

Relating to the location of a sand mine; authorizing an administrative penalty.

Natural Resources

SB 1820 Hegar

Relating to the creation of Waller County Improvement District No. 1; providing authority to impose an assessment, impose a tax, and issue bonds.

Intergovernmental Relations

SB 1821 Hegar

Relating to the creation of Waller County Improvement District No. 2; providing authority to impose an assessment, impose a tax, and issue bonds.

Intergovernmental Relations

SB 1822 Hegar

Relating to the name and powers and duties of the Port O'Connor Municipal Utility District; providing authority to impose a sales and use tax.

Intergovernmental Relations

SB 1823 Hegar

Relating to the administration, powers, and duties of the Fort Bend Municipal Utility District No. 134.

Intergovernmental Relations

SB 1824 Hegar

Relating to the powers of the Fort Bend County Municipal Utility District No. 188, including powers related to the construction, operation, and financing of roads; providing authority to issue bonds and impose a tax.

Intergovernmental Relations