Senate Floor Action for 5/9/2013



May 9, 2013

The Senate suspended the necessary rules to consider and finally pass:

SB 14 (CS)Williams/ et al.

Relating to the fiscal transparency and accountability of certain entities responsible for public money.

SB 221 (LC)Zaffirini

Relating to the composition and employees of the Texas Funeral Service Commission.

SB 414 (CS)Ellis/ et al.

Relating to a study and report regarding authorizing certain public junior colleges to offer baccalaureate degree programs to address regional workforce needs.

1 Floor Amendment

SB 438 (LC)Birdwell

Relating to an interlocal contract between a governmental entity and a purchasing cooperative to purchase roofing materials or services.

SB 925 (LC)Lucio

Relating to a license requirement for licensed professional counselors employed by school districts.

SB 1150 (CS) (LC)Hinojosa/ et al.

Relating to a provider protection plan that ensures efficiency and reduces administrative burdens on providers participating in a Medicaid managed care model or arrangement.

SB 1506 (CS) (LC)Schwertner

Relating to training regarding fire safety inspections required by law.

HB 1422 Geren/ Canales SP: Eltife

Relating to the reporting in a lobbyist registration of certain persons from whom compensation or reimbursement is received.

HB 1685 (LC)Price SP: Whitmire

Relating to the continuation of the self-directed and semi-independent status of the Texas State Board of Public Accountancy, the Texas Board of Professional Engineers, and the Texas Board of Architectural Examiners.

The Senate adopted the following resolutions:

SR 865 Zaffirini/ Birdwell/ Campbell/ Carona/ Davis/ et al.

Recognizing Mother's Day.

The Senate concurred in House amendments to the following:

SB 181 (CS) (LC)Hegar/ et al. SP: Guillen/ et al.

Relating to verification of motor vehicle financial responsibility information.

SB 274 (LC)Williams SP: Eiland

Relating to permits for oversize and overweight vehicles in a certain county.

SB 748 (CS) (LC)Nelson SP: Geren

Relating to the use of certain tax revenue to enhance and upgrade convention center facilities, multipurpose arenas, venues, and related infrastructure in certain municipalities.

SB 864 (LC)Campbell SP: Flynn/ et al.

Relating to a handgun proficiency course that is taken to obtain or renew a concealed handgun license.

SB 1093 (A) (LC)West SP: Harper-Brown

Relating to nonsubstantive additions to and corrections in enacted codes, to the nonsubstantive codification or disposition of various laws omitted from enacted codes, and to conforming codifications enacted by the 82nd Legislature to other Acts of that legislature.

The following bills were passed on the Local and Uncontested Bills Calendar:

SB 524 (CS) (LC)Rodríguez

Relating to a study regarding the prohibition of dairy farming in certain areas of the state.

SB 1083 (LC)Rodríguez

Relating to an appeal from an interlocutory order of certain courts.

HB 13 (LC)Callegari/ Frullo/ Cook/ King, Phil/ et al. SP: Duncan

Relating to the State Pension Review Board and public retirement systems; authorizing a fee.

HB 597 (LC)Guillen/ Lozano SP: Eltife

Relating to boater education and examinations on preventing the spread of exotic harmful or potentially harmful aquatic plants, fish, and shellfish.

HB 949 (CS) (LC)Smithee/ Thompson, Senfronia/ Alonzo SP: Watson

Relating to continuation of automobile insurance coverage for certain motor vehicles acquired during a personal automobile insurance policy term.

HB 1164 (LC)Thompson, Ed/ Bonnen, Dennis/ Klick/ Perry/ et al. SP: Huffman

Relating to the territory that may be included in a single county election precinct.

HB 1186 (LC)Thompson, Senfronia SP: Duncan

Relating to the Texas Racing Commission's ability to share investigatory information with other state regulatory agencies.

HB 1271 (LC)Martinez Fischer SP: Schwertner/ et al.

Relating to providing links in the online text of proposed legislation to other state laws referenced in that legislation.

HB 1493 (LC)King, Tracy O. SP: Hegar

Relating to the transfer of programs from the Texas Department of Rural Affairs to the Department of Agriculture.

HB 1521 (LC)Clardy SP: Nichols

Relating to the slaughter of certain domestic or exotic fowl infected with or exposed to disease and compensation of owners of fowl infected with or exposed to disease.

HB 2623 (LC)Oliveira/ Lucio III/ Anderson SP: Lucio

Relating to the authority of certain counties and the General Land Office to temporarily close a beach or beach access point.

HB 2738 (CS) (LC)Elkins SP: Ellis

Relating to a study by the Department of Information Resources regarding state agency technology efficiency.

HCR 54 (LC)Harper-Brown SP: Hancock

Designating Grand Prairie as the Purple Martin Conservation Capital of Texas.

Committee referral on the following:

SB 1921 Hegar

Relating to the creation of Kendleton Improvement District; providing authority to issue bonds; providing authority to impose assessments, fees, or taxes.

Economic Development

HJR 133 Harper-Brown/ Hilderbran/ Flynn

Proposing a constitutional amendment to authorize a political subdivision of this state to extend the number of days that aircraft parts that are exempt from ad valorem taxation due to their location in this state for a temporary period may be located in this state for purposes of qualifying for the tax exemption.


HB 26 Martinez Fischer

Relating to unemployment compensation eligibility and chargebacks regarding certain persons who are victims or whose immediate family members are victims of sexual assault.

Economic Development

HB 48 Flynn/ Guillen/ Gonzales, Larry/ Phillips/ Lavender/ et al.

Relating to the procedure under which a person may renew a license to carry a concealed handgun.

Criminal Justice

HB 167 McClendon/ Craddick/ Perry/ et al.

Relating to the establishment, operation, and funding of victim-offender mediation programs; authorizing a fee.

Criminal Justice

HB 170 Alonzo/ Márquez/ Alvarado/ Davis, Sarah/ Dukes

Relating to the coverage by certain health benefit plans of mammograms performed by certain health care providers.

State Affairs

HB 308 Bohac/ Raymond/ Orr/ Eiland/ Villarreal/ et al.

Relating to a school district's recognition of and education regarding traditional winter celebrations.


HB 340 Rodriguez, Eddie

Relating to the power of the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality to authorize certain injection wells that transect or terminate in the Edwards Aquifer.

Natural Resources

HB 462 Huberty/ Creighton/ Pitts/ Harless/ White/ et al.

Relating to state control of teacher appraisal criteria, curriculum standards, and assessment instruments.


HB 485 Davis, Sarah/ Guillen/ Sheffield, Ralph/ et al.

Relating to the amount of the fees paid by certain peace officers, correctional officers, members of the state military forces, and veterans of the armed forces for a license to carry a concealed handgun and to the issuance of such a license to certain peace officers and members of the state military forces; authorizing a fee.

Criminal Justice

HB 500 Hilderbran/ Thompson, Senfronia/ Creighton/ Button/ Turner, Scott/ et al.

Relating to the computation of the franchise tax, including certain exclusions from the tax.


HB 506 Lozano/ Hughes

Relating to the location of early voting polling places for elections held on the November uniform election date by a political subdivision.

State Affairs

HB 508 Guillen/ Springer/ Eiland/ Clardy/ et al.

Relating to certain offenses relating to carrying concealed handguns on property owned or leased by a governmental entity; providing a civil penalty.

Intergovernmental Relations

HB 546 Strama

Relating to the creation of renewable energy reinvestment zones and the abatement of ad valorem taxes on property of a renewable energy company located in such a zone.


HB 555 Callegari

Relating to certain criminal offenses for violations of the law regulating metal recycling entities.

Criminal Justice

HB 585 Villarreal/ Workman/ King, Phil

Relating to ad valorem taxation; creating an offense.


HB 626 Harper-Brown/ Capriglione

Relating to the number of hours certain employees must work to be eligible to participate in the Texas Municipal Retirement System.

State Affairs

HB 647 Patrick, Diane

Relating to employment of persons by open-enrollment charter schools.


HB 679 Hughes

Relating to the designation of a segment of State Highway 37 in Wood County as the Carolyn S. Jones Highway.


HB 871 Davis, Sarah

Relating to certain requirements before completing mold remediation work.

Business & Commerce

HB 887 Lucio III/ Bonnen, Greg/ Villarreal

Relating to safety measures to protect students participating in athletic activities sponsored or sanctioned by the University Interscholastic League.


HB 899 Perry/ King, Phil/ et al.

Relating to certain rights of victims, guardians of victims, and close relatives of deceased victims in the criminal justice system.

Criminal Justice

HB 928 Krause/ Sanford/ Fletcher/ Lavender/ Sheets/ et al.

Relating to the enforcement of certain federal laws regulating firearms, firearm accessories, and firearm ammunition within the State of Texas.

Agriculture, Rural Affairs & Homeland Security

HB 953 Button/ Davis, John/ Rodriguez, Eddie/ Branch/ Vo/ et al.

Relating to a franchise tax credit for research and development activities performed in conjunction with institutions of higher education; authorizing a tax credit.


HB 972 Fletcher/ Flynn/ Lavender/ Burkett/ Bell/ et al.

Relating to the carrying of concealed handguns on the premises of and certain other locations associated with institutions of higher education.

Criminal Justice

HB 990 Thompson, Senfronia

Relating to the establishment of a sentencing policy, accountability, and review council to develop means to assess the effect of sentencing practices and policies on state correctional resources and improve the efficiency of the state criminal justice system, to develop a plan regarding the prosecution of certain child offenders, and to review certain penal laws.

Criminal Justice

HB 1004 Gonzales, Larry

Relating to an electronic system adopted and maintained by public institutions of higher education to employ a person to track the academic progress of military veterans or their family members receiving student financial assistance.

Higher Education

HB 1009 Villalba/ Bonnen, Greg/ Fletcher/ Menéndez/ Keffer/ et al.

Relating to the creation of a new category of law enforcement officer who shall be designated a school marshal, the training and appointment of certain employees of a school district or open-enrollment charter school as school marshals, and the rights, restrictions, limitations, and responsibilities of school marshals; authorizing the imposition of a fee.


HB 1050 Callegari

Relating to purchasing and other contracts by certain governmental entities.

State Affairs

HB 1076 Toth/ Klick/ Springer/ Phillips/ Bonnen, Dennis/ et al.

Relating to certain firearms, firearm accessories, and firearm ammunition within the State of Texas; providing an exemption from federal regulation and providing penalties.

Agriculture, Rural Affairs & Homeland Security

HB 1114 Raney

Relating to restoring the jurisdiction of the constitutional county court in Brazos County.


HB 1122 Johnson/ Anchia/ Sheets

Relating to a pilot program for a three-year high school diploma plan and cost-neutral expansion of full-day prekindergarten programs.


HB 1123 Herrero

Relating to discount programs for certain veterans provided by toll project entities.

Veteran Affairs & Military Installations

HB 1129 White/ Menéndez/ Schaefer/ Sanford/ et al.

Relating to a program allowing certain military voters on active duty overseas to cast a ballot electronically.

State Affairs

HB 1133 Otto/ Harless/ Toth/ Hilderbran/ et al.

Relating to a sales and use tax refund for tangible personal property used to provide cable television service, Internet access service, or telecommunications services and to the exclusion of that property in certain economic development agreements.


HB 1183 Guillen

Relating to prohibited conduct by insurance adjusters, public insurance adjusters, and roofing contractors.

Business & Commerce

HB 1224 Hilderbran/ et al.

Relating to continuing education requirements and a registration exemption for county tax assessor-collectors.


HB 1228 Dukes/ Thompson, Senfronia/ Raymond/ Harless/ Zerwas/ et al.

Relating to consideration by the court of sexual abuse and conduct that constitutes sexual assault in certain suits affecting the parent-child relationship.


HB 1256 Stephenson/ Capriglione/ Bell/ et al.

Relating to the donation of office space owned by a legislator or a legislator's business for use as the legislator's district office.


HB 1302 Clardy/ Springer/ Paddie/ King, Ken/ Toth/ et al.

Relating to the imposition of a sentence of life without parole on certain repeat sex offenders and to certain restrictions on employment for certain sex offenders.

Criminal Justice

HB 1314 Creighton/ Price/ Fletcher/ Branch/ et al.

Relating to the unlawful seizure of a firearm by a governmental officer or employee; providing penalties.

Agriculture, Rural Affairs & Homeland Security

HB 1349 Larson/ et al.

Relating to information that may be requested by the Department of Public Safety from a person applying for or renewing a concealed handgun license.

Criminal Justice

HB 1360 Ritter

Relating to the exemption from ad valorem taxation of real property leased to and used by certain schools.


HB 1392 King, Susan/ Rodriguez, Eddie/ et al.

Relating to information provided by the Department of State Health Services on food regulation.

Health & Human Services

HB 1428 Davis, Sarah

Relating to inappropriate actions by the early voting ballot board; creating an offense.

State Affairs

HB 1573 McClendon/ Gutierrez

Relating to authorizing an optional county fee on vehicle registration in certain counties.


HB 1597 Gonzalez, Naomi/ Kacal/ Nevárez/ Cortez/ Menéndez/ et al.

Relating to installment payments of ad valorem taxes.

Intergovernmental Relations

HB 1645 Riddle/ Fallon

Relating to the monitoring of the Internet access of certain sex offenders placed on community supervision or released on parole or to mandatory supervision.

Criminal Justice

HB 1736 Anchia/ Rose/ Keffer/ Hughes/ Bohac/ et al.

Relating to a temporary exemption from ad valorem taxation of property used to collect, process, and deliver landfill-generated gas.


HB 1748 Branch/ Herrero/ Fletcher/ Carter/ et al.

Relating to the punishment for defendants who commit certain aggravated sexual assaults.

Criminal Justice

HB 1755 Patrick, Diane

Relating to authorizing the appointment of a public probate administrator; authorizing fees.


HB 1772 Turner, Chris/ Anchia/ Turner, Sylvester/ et al.

Relating to the disconnection of electric or gas utility service.

Business & Commerce

HB 1775 Thompson, Ed/ Larson/ Ritter/ Bonnen, Dennis/ Raymond/ et al.

Relating to the authority of the University Interscholastic League regarding activities involving sports officials.


HB 1781 King, Ken/ Otto/ Thompson, Senfronia/ et al.

Relating to a limitation on sanctions imposed on school districts for the sale of foods of minimal nutritional value.

Agriculture, Rural Affairs & Homeland Security

HB 1813 Lucio III

Relating to the authority of a municipality to confiscate packaged fireworks; providing an affirmative defense for possessing fireworks in certain circumstances.

Intergovernmental Relations

HB 1847 Carter

Relating to continuing legal education in ethics or professional responsibility for prosecutors.


HB 1856 Burkett

Relating to the authority of a mental health facility to require a peace officer to transport a person apprehended for emergency detention to a medical facility to receive a medical evaluation before being transported to the mental health facility.

Criminal Justice

HB 1862 Dutton

Relating to the criminal consequences of engaging in certain conduct with respect to a switchblade knife.

Criminal Justice

HB 1866 Klick

Relating to the composition of a political party's state executive committee.

State Affairs

HB 1897 Eiland

Relating to the exemption from ad valorem taxation of pollution control property.

Business & Commerce

HB 1908 Eiland/ Hilderbran

Relating to sports and community venue projects.

Economic Development

HB 1931 Guillen/ Flynn/ Lozano/ et al.

Relating to compensation of property owners whose property is damaged as a result of a pursuit involving a law enforcement agency.

Agriculture, Rural Affairs & Homeland Security

HB 1965 Harper-Brown

Relating to the state contracting duties of the quality assurance team and Contract Advisory Team.

Government Organization

HB 1992 Smith/ et al.

Relating to the transfer of certain inmates to the Texas Department of Criminal Justice following pronouncement of the inmate's sentence.

Criminal Justice

HB 1996 Miller, Rick

Relating to certain political party officials visiting a primary election polling place for administrative purposes.

State Affairs

HB 2012 Villarreal

Relating to collection, distribution, and use of information relating to salaries of certain professional employees of school districts.


HB 2080 Thompson, Senfronia/ Naishtat/ et al.

Relating to guardianships, including the assessment and payment of attorney's fees and other court costs in guardianships, and to court-created management trusts for persons who have physical disabilities or who are incapacitated; changing the amount of a fee and requiring the collection of a fee.


HB 2110 Kolkhorst

Relating to requirements for certain election officers.

State Affairs

HB 2117 King, Susan

Relating to the election of the board of directors of the Hamlin Hospital District.

Intergovernmental Relations

HB 2118 King, Susan

Relating to procedures for the dissolution of the Hamlin Hospital District; authorizing the imposition of a tax.

Intergovernmental Relations

HB 2123 Guillen

Relating to the regulation of game rooms in certain counties; providing penalties; authorizing a fee.

Intergovernmental Relations

HB 2135 Cortez

Relating to waivers and grants of credit for the requirements to obtain certain private security licenses to individuals who hold security credentials from the United States armed forces.

Veteran Affairs & Military Installations

HB 2211 Naishtat

Relating to the availability on the Internet of reports of political contributions and expenditures filed in connection with certain county judicial offices.

State Affairs

HB 2268 Frullo/ Thompson, Senfronia/ Fletcher

Relating to search warrants issued in this state and other states for certain customer data, communications, and other related information held in electronic storage in this state and other states by providers of electronic communications services and remote computing services.

Criminal Justice

HB 2280 Phillips

Relating to prohibited employment by a bail bond surety.

Criminal Justice

HB 2305 Rodriguez, Eddie

Relating to motor vehicle inspection requirements for vehicles equipped with compressed natural gas containers.


HB 2320 Parker

Relating to establishing a pilot program for driver education schools to administer certain driver's license examinations; authorizing fees.


HB 2330 Gooden

Relating to regulation of traffic in a special district by a commissioners court.


HB 2362 Keffer

Relating to the efficiency review of river authorities.

Natural Resources

HB 2446 Crownover/ Keffer/ King, Phil/ Morrison/ Lewis/ et al.

Relating to the definitions of advanced clean energy projects and clean energy projects and to franchise tax credits for certain of those projects.

Natural Resources

HB 2447 Martinez, "Mando"

Relating to the sale and advertisement of portable fire extinguishers.

Business & Commerce

HB 2450 Raymond

Relating to a pilot program operated by certain public or private primary or secondary or open-enrollment charter schools in Webb County concerning searches and drug testing of students with parental consent and certain disciplinary measures and other procedures that may arise from such a search or test.


HB 2483 Alvarado/ Patrick, Diane/ et al.

Relating to including oral health education as part of the coordinated health program for public elementary, middle, and junior high school students.


HB 2511 Thompson, Senfronia

Relating to the option of providing electronic recordings of proceedings in the municipal court of record for the City of Houston.

Criminal Justice

HB 2532 Workman/ Isaac

Relating to the regulation of propane distribution system retailers; authorizing a fee.

Natural Resources

HB 2539 Turner, Chris/ Thompson, Senfronia/ et al.

Relating to requiring computer technicians to report images of child pornography; providing a criminal penalty.

Criminal Justice

HB 2612 Flynn

Relating to prohibitions and restrictions on using county roads in certain circumstances.


HB 2668 Vo

Relating to requirements applicable to meetings of the governing board of certain junior college districts.

Open Government

HB 2679 Guillen

Relating to permitting an alternative plea for a defendant detained in jail pending trial for a Class C misdemeanor.

Criminal Justice

HB 2691 Elkins

Relating to the permissible noise level of a sound emitted from a motor vehicle audible warning device.


HB 2694 Villarreal/ Ratliff

Relating to the provision of credit by examination for public school students.


HB 2712 Perez/ Hernandez Luna/ Strama/ Walle/ Isaac

Relating to the exemption from ad valorem taxation of energy storage systems used for the control of air pollution in a nonattainment area.


HB 2733 White

Relating to the administration and operation of the Texas Juvenile Justice Department.

Criminal Justice

HB 2742 Phillips

Relating to the operation of a golf cart or utility vehicle on a public highway in certain counties.


HB 2795 Raymond SP: West

Relating to enforcement of a lien against certain decedents' interests in real property.


HB 2811 Toth/ et al.

Relating to programs provided by volunteer and faith-based organizations to inmates in the Texas Department of Criminal Justice.

Criminal Justice

HB 2836 Ratliff/ Farney/ King, Ken/ Patrick, Diane/ Huberty/ et al.

Relating to the administration of certain state-adopted or state-developed assessment instruments to public school students.


HB 2851 Callegari/ et al.

Relating to the adoption of rules by state agencies.

State Affairs

HB 2859 Harless

Relating to the amount of money authorized to be used for Clean Air Act local initiative projects related to vehicles.

Natural Resources

HB 2862 McClendon

Relating to procedures related to juvenile cases.

Criminal Justice

HB 2887 Davis, John/ Burkett/ Turner, Sylvester/ Kolkhorst/ Menéndez/ et al.

Relating to the establishment and expansion of community collaboratives by entities to provide services to and coordinate the care of persons who are homeless, persons with mental illness, and persons with substance abuse problems.

Health & Human Services

HB 2895 Bonnen, Dennis

Relating to authorizing the sale of certain real property in Brazoria County by the Texas Board of Criminal Justice.

Government Organization

HB 2902 Thompson, Ed/ et al.

Relating to lost, damaged, or overdue county library property; authorizing fines; authorizing a civil penalty.

Intergovernmental Relations

HB 2907 Frank

Relating to the Knox County Hospital District; authorizing the imposition of a tax.

Intergovernmental Relations

HB 2910 Kuempel

Relating to the sale of alcoholic beverages to customers of a package store during certain hours.

Business & Commerce

HB 2921 Orr

Relating to the composition and governance of a regional tollway authority.


HB 2929 Sheets

Relating to health benefit plan coverage for brain injury.

State Affairs

HB 2930 Miles

Relating to procedures for asserting taking claims against certain governmental entities.

State Affairs

HB 2975 Gonzalez, Naomi

Relating to the merger of housing authorities in certain municipalities and counties.

Intergovernmental Relations

HB 3017 Moody/ et al.

Relating to determination of the amount of certain child support obligations.


HB 3043 Oliveira

Relating to increasing the maximum rate at which certain municipalities may impose a hotel occupancy tax and to the use of revenue from that tax.

Economic Development

HB 3085 Walle

Relating to the regulation of automotive wrecking and salvage yards in certain counties; increasing the civil penalty.


HB 3101 Morrison

Relating to filing deadlines to become a write-in candidate in elections.

State Affairs

HB 3102 Morrison/ Rodriguez, Eddie/ Simmons

Relating to political parties' governance and conventions.

State Affairs

HB 3103 Morrison/ Rodriguez, Eddie/ Klick/ Wu/ Miller, Rick

Relating to the administration of primary elections, the nomination of candidates by convention, and voting by certain military and overseas voters.

State Affairs

HB 3121 Harper-Brown/ Ratliff/ Hilderbran

Relating to the qualifications for the exemption from ad valorem taxation for aircraft parts located in this state for a limited time.


HB 3152 Giddings

Relating to the payment of and contracts with health care providers by certain entities under contract with a certified workers' compensation network.

State Affairs

HB 3153 Lewis/ Guillen/ Pitts/ Crownover SP: West

Relating to the operation and administration of, and practice in courts in, the judicial branch of state government; imposing a fee.


HB 3161 Simpson/ Hughes

Relating to the Upshur County Juvenile Board.

Criminal Justice

HB 3162 Davis, John/ Button

Relating to the Texas emerging technology fund; redesignating the fund as the Texas Research Technology Fund.

Economic Development

HB 3169 Bohac

Relating to the imposition of the sales and use tax on taxable items sold or provided under certain contracts.


HB 3196 Price

Relating to licensing and certification requirements for certain health facilities and to the allocation of Medicaid beds in certain of those facilities; increasing fees.

Health & Human Services

HB 3211 Cortez

Relating to the Hispanic Heritage Center of Texas.

Government Organization

HB 3233 Ritter/ Johnson/ Taylor, Van

Relating to interbasin transfers of state water.

Natural Resources

HB 3234 Ritter/ Johnson/ Taylor, Van

Relating to the procedure for action by the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality on an application for a water right.

Natural Resources

HB 3285 Davis, Yvonne

Relating to the reporting of health care associated infections.

Health & Human Services

HB 3334 Hughes

Relating to the recording of testimony before a grand jury.

Criminal Justice

HB 3370 Craddick

Relating to the authority of certain retired peace officers to carry certain firearms.

Criminal Justice

HB 3385 Hilderbran

Relating to limited liability for an agritourism entity involved in an agritourism activity.

State Affairs

HB 3401 Raymond/ et al.

Relating to nutrition and wellness education for certain recipients of certain state benefits.

Health & Human Services

HB 3460 Eiland

Relating to the requirement that certain information be reported to the Texas Department of Insurance and the confidentiality of that information.

Business & Commerce

HB 3471 Deshotel

Relating to the compensation of the members of the board of port commissioners of the Port of Port Arthur Navigation District of Jefferson County.


HB 3520 Branch/ Villalba/ et al.

Relating to the designation of a segment of U.S. Highway 75 in Dallas County as the George W. Bush Expressway.


HB 3536 Otto/ Kolkhorst/ Turner, Sylvester/ Howard/ Zerwas/ et al.

Relating to imposing a fee on the sale of cigarettes and cigarette tobacco products manufactured by certain companies; providing penalties; changing the rate of the tax on chewing tobacco.


HB 3566 Kleinschmidt

Relating to the regulation of advertising by structural pest control businesses.

Agriculture, Rural Affairs & Homeland Security

HB 3568 Kleinschmidt

Relating to the designation of the structure on Loop 150 in the city of Bastrop connecting the east and west banks of the Colorado River as the Chief Petty Officer (SOC) Stephen "Matt" Mills Bridge.


HB 3613 Elkins

Relating to the release of delinquent tax liens on manufactured homes.

Intergovernmental Relations

HB 3668 Naishtat/ Fletcher/ Wu

Relating to an individual's responsibilities following an accident reasonably likely to result in injury to or death of a person; imposing criminal penalties.


HB 3671 Cook/ Carter/ Burnam

Relating to the right of certain young crime victims to a speedy trial and to be considered with respect to a defendant's motion for continuance.

Criminal Justice

HB 3674 Muñoz, Jr./ Guillen/ Isaac

Relating to eligibility of municipalities to participate in the historic courthouse preservation and maintenance programs administered by the Texas Historical Commission.

Government Organization

HB 3687 Naishtat

Relating to the provision of and funding for certain primary health care services; repealing a fee.

Health & Human Services

HB 3792 Coleman

Relating to the intercollegiate athletics fee at Texas Southern University.

Higher Education

HB 3805 Gonzales, Larry

Relating to the discharge of an officer or employee of the Department of Public Safety of the State of Texas.

Criminal Justice

HB 3871 Smith

Relating to the powers and duties of the Gulf Coast Waste Disposal Authority.

Intergovernmental Relations

HB 3903 Isaac

Relating to the Hays Trinity Groundwater Conservation District; providing authority to increase certain fees; authorizing a fee.

Natural Resources

HB 3907 Harper-Brown

Relating to consideration of certain graduates and dropouts in evaluation of school districts, campuses, and open-enrollment charter schools for accountability purposes.


HB 3913 Parker

Relating to the powers and duties of the Canyon Falls Water Control and Improvement District No. 2 of Denton County; providing authority to issue bonds; providing authority to impose taxes.

Intergovernmental Relations

HB 3929 Ashby/ Cook

Relating to the composition of the 12th and 369th Judicial Districts, the redesignation of the district attorney for the 12th Judicial District as the district attorney for the 369th Judicial District, and the composition of the Leon County juvenile board.


HB 3933 González, Mary

Relating to the transfer of territory, assets, liabilities, and duties of the former Cuadrilla Improvement Corporation to the Lower Valley Water District.

Natural Resources

HB 3946 Gonzalez, Naomi/ Márquez/ Moody/ González, Mary

Relating to the designation of the Officer Angel David Garcia Memorial Interchange.


HCR 97 Button/ Davis, Yvonne/ Branch/ Geren/ Anchia

Designating the North Central Texas Council of Governments Metropolitan Planning Area as the official Texas Connectivity Hub.

Intergovernmental Relations

HCR 102 Miller, Doug

Designating peach cobbler as the official cobbler of Texas.


HCR 104 Button

Encouraging school districts to adopt policies that promote the use of technology and technological devices in classrooms.


HCR 111 Farney

Designating April as Texas Personal Financial Literacy Month for a 10-year period beginning in 2013.


HCR 115 Zedler

Designating the city of Mansfield as the Pickle Capital of Texas for a 10-year period beginning in 2013.



Committee re-referral on the following:

HB 749 Raymond/ et al.

Relating to a plan to increase outcomes in the summer food service program.

Re-referred from Agriculture, Rural Affairs & Homeland Security to Government Organization