Austin, Texas
March 18, 2013

Honorable Dan Patrick, Chair, Senate Committee On Education
Ursula Parks, Director, Legislative Budget Board
SB453 by Deuell (Relating to payment of tuition to attend public schools for students holding certain United States student visas.), As Introduced

No fiscal implication to the State is anticipated.

The bill would make provisions for students who are required  to pay tuition to a school district or open-enrollment charter school as a condition of a visa. The bill would require the district or charter to accept as tuition the full unsubsidized per capita cost of providing the studentís education. The bill would require the commissioner to develop guidelines for determining the amount of the full unsubsidized per capita cost of providing a studentís education. Districts and charter schools would be prohibited from accepting tuition in excess of the commissionerís guidelines unless the commissioner approves a greater amount as a more accurate reflection of the cost of education provided by the school or district.

The bill would prohibit the inclusion of students for whom tuition is paid under this section to be included in the count of students in average daily attendance (ADA) for the purpose of allocating state funds to the school or district. 

Local Government Impact

To the extent that a district or charter is charging students whose visas require them to pay tuition that exceeds the amounts imposed by the limits proposed by the bill, those districts and charters could experience a loss of revenue related to implementation of the limits.

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