COMMITTEE:   Corrections 

TIME & DATE: 2:00 PM or upon final adjourn./recess
Wednesday, March 27, 2013 

PLACE:       E2.010 
CHAIR:       Rep. Tan Parker 


HB 517        Pitts
Relating to the eligibility of inmates convicted of certain intoxication offenses for release on parole or mandatory supervision.

HB 1541       Turner, Sylvester
Relating to a study on recidivism rates for certain juveniles committed to the Texas Department of Criminal Justice or the Texas Juvenile Justice Department.

HB 1566       Miller, Rick
Relating to testing of a juvenile for a sexually transmitted disease or human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) upon the filing of a petition alleging delinquent conduct.

HB 1567       Miller, Rick
Relating to the presentation of a statement by a victim, close relative of a deceased victim, or guardian of a victim after the conclusion of a juvenile disposition hearing.

HB 2069       Bonnen, Dennis
Relating to the release of inmates convicted of certain violent crimes on medically recommended intensive supervision.

HB 2398       Turner, Sylvester
Relating to a study of and report regarding Texas Department of Criminal Justice visitation policies.

HB 2399       Turner, Sylvester
Relating to a study of the feasibility and desirability of certain changes to the juvenile justice system.

HB 2544       Rose
Relating to victim-offender mediation services offered by the victim services division of the Texas Department of Criminal Justice.

HB 2719       Guillen
Relating to the collection of information concerning the number of inmates and prisoners who have been in the conservatorship of a state agency responsible for providing child protective services.

HB 2733       White
Relating to the administration and operation of the Texas Juvenile Justice Department, including the denial of bail for violent juveniles committed to the department.

HB 2734       White
Relating to the establishment of the Texas State Jail Committee to study and make recommendations concerning the state jail system.

HB 2810       Toth
Relating to the disposition of surplus data processing equipment by the Texas Department of Criminal Justice.

HB 2811       Toth
Relating to programs provided by volunteer organizations to inmates in the Texas Department of Criminal Justice.

HB 2812       Toth
Relating to an annual report by the reentry and integration division and the parole division of the Texas Department of Criminal Justice.

HB 2877       Sheffield, J. D.
Relating to the applicability of certain claims for lost or damaged property by inmates to the Texas Theft Liability Act.




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