COMMITTEE:   Public Health 

TIME & DATE: 8:00 AM, Wednesday, April 17, 2013 

PLACE:       E2.012 
CHAIR:       Rep. Lois Kolkhorst 


HB 453        Dukes
Relating to the application, renewal, and period of validity of a registration under the Texas Controlled Substances Act.

HB 598        Zerwas
Relating to a prohibition on the use of a tanning facility by a minor.

HB 1137       Davis, John | et al.
Relating to the use of maximum allowable cost lists under a Medicaid managed care pharmacy benefit plan.

HB 2158       Goldman
Relating to the effect of a finding of liability for fraudulent activity and notification requirements for proposed settlements under the Medicaid program.

HB 2217       Bonnen, Greg
Relating to the provision of a cranial molding orthosis under the medical assistance and child health plan programs.

HB 2297       Naishtat
Relating to the licensing and regulation of medical laboratory professionals; providing penalties; imposing fees.

HB 2490       Rodriguez, Eddie
Relating to the eligibility of certain providers of laboratory services for health and human services programs.

HB 2560       Thompson, Senfronia
Relating to the care provided to a sexual assault survivor by a health care facility.

HB 2625       Coleman
Relating to disease management practices of local mental health authorities.

HB 2709       Cortez
Relating to the establishment of a state plan for bacterial pneumonia education and prevention.

HB 2965       Alonzo
Relating to the inclusion of optometrists, therapeutic optometrists, and ophthalmologists in the health care provider networks of certain Medicaid managed care organizations.

HB 3020       Sheffield, J. D.
Relating to disclosure of the price charged by a health care provider for a health care service or supply; providing penalties.

HB 3174       Bohac
Relating to the requirement that an applicant for a license to practice medicine recite the Hippocratic oath.

HB 3262       Miller, Doug
Relating to pharmacy benefit managers contracting with the child health plan program, the Medicaid managed care program, and health plans for certain government employees.

HB 3283       Davis, Yvonne
Relating to the reporting to certain health professional licensing boards findings from certain inspections and investigations.

HB 3285       Davis, Yvonne
Relating to the reporting of health care associated infections.

HB 3427       Lavender
Relating to the transport of a mental health patient who is not a resident of this state.

HB 3687       Naishtat
Relating to the provision of and funding for certain primary health care services.




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