COMMITTEE:    Education 

TIME & DATE:  12:30 PM or upon adjournment/recess
Friday, May 17, 2013 

PLACE:        Senator Patrick's Desk 
CHAIR:        Senator Dan Patrick 



HB 462        Huberty | et al.        SP: Patrick
Relating to state control of teacher appraisal criteria, curriculum standards, and assessment instruments.

HB 1009       Villalba | et al.       SP: Patrick
Relating to the creation of a new category of law enforcement officer who shall be designated a school marshal, the training and appointment of certain employees of a school district or open-enrollment charter school as school marshals, and the rights, restrictions, limitations, and responsibilities of school marshals; authorizing the imposition of a fee.

Public testimony will be limited to two (2) minutes per person.




HB 217        Alvarado | et al.       SP: Uresti
Relating to the types of beverages that may be sold to students on public school campuses.

HB 590        Naishtat                SP: Zaffirini
Relating to determining a child's eligibility for a school district's special education program on the basis of a visual impairment.

HB 647        Patrick, Diane          SP: Davis
Relating to employment of persons by open-enrollment charter schools.

HB 742        Strama | et al.         SP: Watson
Relating to measures to evaluate and improve student participation and performance in public schools and open-enrollment charter schools, including a grant program for certain school districts to provide summer instruction primarily for students who are educationally disadvantaged.

HB 866        Huberty | et al.        SP: Seliger
Relating to the administration to public school students in certain grades of state-administered assessment instruments.

HB 1454       Gonzalez, Naomi         SP: Rodríguez
Relating to events to educate students about Type 2 diabetes in certain school districts.

HB 1479       Villarreal              SP: Van de Putte
Relating to establishing a committee in certain counties to recommend a uniform truancy policy.

HB 1501       Raymond                 SP: Zaffirini
Relating to the commemoration of September 11, 2001, at public schools.

HB 1751       Patrick, Diane | et al. SP: Van de Putte
Relating to the public school educator excellence innovation program.

HB 1775       Thompson, Ed | et al.   SP: Hancock
Relating to the authority of the University Interscholastic League regarding activities involving sports officials.

HB 1926       King, Ken | et al.      SP: Hegar
Relating to the operation of the state virtual school network and courses provided through other distance learning arrangements.

HB 2012       Villarreal              SP: Patrick
Relating to collection, distribution, and use of information relating to salaries of certain professional employees of school districts.

HB 2201       Farney | et al.         SP: Lucio
Relating to increasing the courses offered in the career and technology education curriculum.

HB 2483       Alvarado | et al.       SP: Ellis
Relating to including oral health education as part of the coordinated health program for public elementary, middle, and junior high school students.

HB 2607       Huberty                 SP: Davis
Relating to the representation through a telephone conference call of a school district employee under a district grievance policy.

HB 2824       Ratliff | et al.        SP: Paxton
Relating to the Texas High Performance Schools Consortium.

HB 2836       Ratliff | et al.        SP: Patrick
Relating to the administration of certain state-adopted or state-developed assessment instruments to public school students.

HB 3573       Aycock                  SP: Patrick
Relating to the requirements for obtaining a health science technology education teaching certificate and to the scope of courses a person may teach holding a technology applications teaching certificate.

HB 3662       Clardy | et al.         SP: Seliger
Relating to the Texas Workforce Innovation Needs Program; authorizing a fee.