COMMITTEE:    Finance 

TIME & DATE:  9:00 AM, Wednesday, March 13, 2013 

PLACE:        E1.036 (Finance Room) 
CHAIR:        Senator Tommy Williams 



Pending Business:


SB 1          Williams
General Appropriations Bill.

Subcommittee Reports:


SB 158        Carona
Relating to the average price below which a newspaper is exempt from the sales tax.

SB 269        Seliger
Relating to an exemption for land owned by a school from the additional tax imposed on the change of use of land appraised for ad valorem tax purposes as qualified open-space land.

SB 464        Deuell
Relating to the dismissal of complaints against property tax professionals.

SB 603        Williams
Relating to the revocation and reinstatement of an end user number for purposes of purchasing dyed diesel fuel.