COMMITTEE:††† Transportation†

TIME & DATE:† 8:00 AM, Wednesday, March 06, 2013†

PLACE:††††††† E1.016 (Hearing Room)†
CHAIR:††††††† Senator Robert Nichols†


To consider the following:


SB 165††††††† Van de Putte†††††††††††
Relating to the issuance of specialty license plates to officers of the United States armed forces who graduated from certain United States military academies.

SB 181††††††† Hegar
Relating to the use of a wireless communication device to provide evidence of motor vehicle financial responsibility.

SB 274††††††† Williams
Relating to permits for oversize and overweight vehicles in a certain county.

SB 298††††††† Estes
Relating to the licensing and regulation of the towing of a vehicle by its owner.

SB 466††††††† Hinojosa | et al.
Relating to the authority of the Texas Department of Transportation to participate in certain federal transportation programs.

SB 510††††††† Nichols
Relating to passing certain vehicles on a highway; providing a penalty.

SB 563††††††† Hegar
Relating to the issuance of specialty license plates to honor recipients of the Defense Superior Service Medal.

SB 685††††††† Carona
Relating to the registration of token trailers.

At the Chairís discretion, the Committee may also consider any pending business.


Public testimony will be limited to 3 minutes per person.