COMMITTEE:    Transportation 

TIME & DATE:  8:00 AM, Wednesday, May 08, 2013 

PLACE:        E1.016 (Hearing Room) 
CHAIR:        Senator Robert Nichols 



To consider the following:


HB 248        Walle                   SP: Ellis
Relating to the regulation of automotive wrecking and salvage yards in certain counties.

HB 250        Miller, Doug            SP: Estes
Relating to the designation of a segment of Interstate Highway 35 as the Trooper Randy Vetter Memorial Highway.

HB 341        Pitts                   SP: Nichols
Relating to the exclusion of certain mineral interests from the property interests that may be condemned by a regional tollway authority.

HB 347        Pitts | et al.          SP: Nichols
Relating to prohibiting using a wireless communication device while operating a motor vehicle on school property.

HB 442        Muñoz, Jr. | et al.     SP: Hinojosa
Relating to the recognition of a portion of U.S. Highway 83 as a memorial to Trooper Eduardo Chavez.

HB 511        Murphy                  SP: Carona
Relating to the registration of token trailers.

HB 567        Smith                   SP: Nichols
Relating to the definition of an authorized emergency vehicle.

HB 625        Harper-Brown            SP: Carona
Relating to the penalty for the operation of a vehicle without a license plate.

HB 1347       González, Mary | et al. SP: Rodríguez
Relating to the use of El Paso Mission Valley specialty license plate fees for the preservation and rehabilitation of the Socorro, San Elizario, and Ysleta Missions.

HB 1534       Leach | et al.          SP: Paxton
Relating to the designation of a segment of U.S. Highway 75 in Collin County as the Sam Johnson Highway.

HB 2536       Geren | et al.          SP: Nelson
Relating to the composition of certain regional transportation authority subregional boards.

HB 3031       Fletcher                SP: Ellis
Relating to fare enforcement officers for metropolitan rapid transit authorities.

At the Chair's discretion, the Committee may also consider any pending business.


Public testimony will be limited to 3 minutes per person.