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                                                                              WITNESS LIST

              HB 362


              Economic & Small Business Development Committee

              March 7, 2013 - 8:00 AM

                       For :

                                 Ahlenius, Steve (Mcallen Chamber of Commerce)

                                 Garza, Wanda (South Texas College)

                                 Poag, Meg (Literacy Coalition of Central Texas)

                                 Suarez Foreman, Sheri (Houston Center for Literacy)

                       On :

                                 Garcia, Mary Isabel (Self)

                                 Gonzalez, Yvonne 'Bonnie' (Workforce Solutions - workforce boards)

                                 Helmcamp, Leslie (Self; Center for Public Policy Priorities)

                                 Kitchen, Cristy (Self)

                                 Lindsey, Jan (TEA)

                                 Sadler nitu, Melissa (Self; Texas council of adult basic education)

                                 Stjohn, Sharon (Self)

                                 Temple, Larry (Texas Workforce Commission)

                                 Vaughn, Greg (Texas Associaion of Workforce Boards)

                       Registering, but not testifying:

                       For :

                                 Chatelle, Melody (United Ways of Texas)

                                 Donley, Lori (Literacy Texas)

                                 Johnson, Steven (Texas Association of Community Colleges)