Defense & Veterans' Affairs Committee

            May 14, 2014 - 10:00 AM

            Interim Charge 4 - Veteran Courts


                                 Allen, Sheila (Nueces County Veterans Treatment Court)

                                 Barill, Angie Juarez (El Paso Veteran Court Program)

                                 Burnett, Christopher (Criminal Justice Division, Office of the Governor)

                                 Cantu, Eliseo (Texas Veterans Commission)

                                 Christian, Wayne (Bexar County Veterans Treatment Court)

                                 Collins, Dominique (Dallas Veteran's Court)

                                 Denton, Mike (Travis County Veteran Court)

                                 Ellis, Ryan (Veterans Treatment Court of Galveston County)

                                 Freeman, Vonda (Dallas County Veterans Court)

                                 Glass, Jackson (Travis County Veterans Court)

                                 Hale, Oscar (Self)

                                 Henry, Mark (Galveston County)

                                 Horne, Marianne (North Texas Addiction Counseling and Education Inc)

                                 Klas, Brian (Williamson County Veterans Court)

                                 Maier, Robert (Williamson County Veterans Court)

                                 Molina, Jason (Nueces County CSCD)

                                 Morrison, Steve (Williamson County Community Supervision and Corrections Department)

                                 Overstreet, Charles (Tarrant County Veterans Court)

                                 Palladino, Thomas (Texas Veterans Commission)

                                 Palomo, Beckie (Self)

                                 Parker, Randall (Bexar County Veterans Treatment Court)

                                 Pierce, Kathy (Williamson County Veterans Court)

                                 Prather, Jude (Hays County and City of San Marcos)

                                 Randolph, Ryan (Tarrant County Veterans Court)

                                 Reed, Leon (Tarrant County Veterans)

                                 Sanchez, David (Cameron County Veterans Court)

                                 Skurka, Mark (Nueces County District Attorney)

                                 Williams, Guy (Nueces County Veteran's Court)

                                 Wright, Tim (Williamson County Veterans Court)

                                 Young, Courtney (Tarrant County Veterans' Court)

            Interim Charge 6 - Veterans' Mental Health Policies


                                 Beck, Michael (Military Veteran Peer Network)

                                 Hanna, Sean (Military Veteran Peer Network)

                                 Little, Morgan (Self; Texas Coalition of Veterans Organizations)

                                 Palladino, Thomas (Texas Veterans Commission)

                                 Shore, Sam (Dept. of State Health Services)

                                 Vallarta, Cruz (Self)