Human Services Committee

            April 15, 2014 - 9:00 AM

            Foster Care Redesign/Adoption


                                 Andolino, Debbie (Self)

                                 Barillas, Ph.D., Katherine (One Voice)

                                 Bentley, Crystal (Self; Angel Reach/Brave)

                                 Black, Jim (Self; Angel Eyes over Texas)

                                 Black, Lisa (DFPS, CPS)

                                 Blake, Aaron (The Texas Moses Project)

                                 Blankenship, Al (Self; Covenant kids)

                                 Carson, Wayne (ACH Child and Family Services)

                                 Clements, Irene (Texas Foster Family Association)

                                 Finley, Vikki (Spaulding for children)

                                 Gendron, Christine (Texas network of youth services)

                                 Gonzalez, Gail (Dept of family and protective services)

                                 Greenhaw, Jonathon (Self; Bringing Resiliency Advocacy Valor and Excellence)

                                 Harris, Ashley (Texans Care for Children)

                                 Harris, Erica (Texas state employees union)

                                 Hartman, Robert (Providence service corporation)

                                 Holman, Nancy (Texas Alliance of Child and Family Services)

                                 Homer, Andrew (Texas CASA)

                                 Kendrick, Bruce (Embrace Texas)

                                 Martinez, Diana (TexProtects, The Texas Association for the Protection of Children)

                                 Milford, Kim (Self)

                                 Miller, Trista (Self)

                                 Obaseki, Min. Tyrone (Self; Angel Reach)

                                 Oliva, Juan (Self; Brining Resiliency Advocacy Valor and Excellence)

                                 Schultz, Vickye (The Gladney Center For Adoption)

                                 Somereve, Margaret (Self)

                                 Specia, John (Dept Family and Protective Services)

                                 Spiller, Lee (Self; Citizens Commission On Human Rights)

                                 Velarde, Alfonso (Child crisis center of el paso)

                                 Wilson, Jill (Self)

                 Registering, but not testifying:


                                 Kelly, Craig (Self; Angel reach)

                                 Reinhardt, Kaysie (Dept of family and protective services)

                                 Shaw, Jean (Dept of family and protective services)

                                 Staat, David (Self)

                                 Williams, Shatiqua (Angel reach)