Natural Resources Committee

            February 19, 2013 - 7:30 AM

            HB 4


                                 Archibald, Norm (City of Abilene Texas)

                                 Aus, Fred (Texas Rural Water Association)

                                 Averitt, Kip (Self)

                                 Batterton, Carol (Water environment Association of Texas, Texas Association of Clean Water

                                 Agencies,  and Texas Section of American Water Works Association)

                                 Bennett, Tony (Texas Association of Manufacturers)

                                 Bresnen, Steve (Self; North harris county regional warer authority)

                                 Castro, Julian (City of San Antonio)

                                 Cook, John (City of El Paso)

                                 Fainter Jr, John W (Association of Electric Companies of Texas, Inc.)

                                 Fowler, Perry (Self)

                                 Garza, Jorge (Self; Estrada hinojosa)

                                 Gertson, Ronald (Self; Texas Rice Producers Legislative Group)

                                 Harward, Heather (H204texas coalition)

                                 Hastings, Debbra (TXOGA)

                                 Hatfield, Dan (Texas Association of REALTORS)

                                 Hess, Myron (National Wildlife Federation)

                                 Howe, Billy (Texas Farm Bureau)

                                 Huffman, Laura (Lhuffman@tnc.org)

                                 Kramer, Ken (Sierra Club - Lone Star Chapter)

                                 Leathers, Joe (Texas and Southwestern Cattle Raisers Assoc.)

                                 Leffingwell, Lee (City of Austin)

                                 Lemons, Ronnie (Self; Freese and Nichols, Inc.)

                                 Meszaros, Greg (City of Austin, Austin Water Utility)

                                 Minick, Stephen (Texas Association of Business)

                                 Monaco, John (Texas Municipal League, City of Mesquite)

                                 Motal, Becky (LCRA)

                                 New, Alvin (City of San Angelo)

                                 Newton, Jennifer (AGC of Texas)

                                 Norman, Scott (Texas Association of Builders)

                                 Park, Joey (Texas Wildlife Association)

                                 Parker, Annise (City of Houston)

                                 Parks, James (North Texas Municipal Water District)

                                 Perry, Wes (City of midland)

                                 Puente, Robert (San Antonio Water System)

                                 Rawlings, Mike (The City of Dallas)

                                 Rivero, Hector (Texas Chemical Council)

                                 Robbins, Dean (Texas Water Conservation Assn.)

                                 Sansom, Andrew (Self; The Meadows Center for Water and the Environment)

                                 Stagner, Steve (American Council of Engineering Companies of Texas)

                                 Thornton, William (Fort Worth Chamber of Commerce)


                                                                                    WITNESS LIST


                                 Toner, James (International Bottled Water Association)

                                 Ward, J. Kevin (Trinity River Authority)

                                 West, William (GBRA)


                                 Brittin, Carolyn (Texas water development board)

                                 Callahan, Melanie (Texas Water Development Board)

                                 Montemayor, Piper (Texas Water Development Board)

                                 Moore, Patrick (Legislative Budget Board)

                                 Neeley, Josiah (Texas Public Policy Foundation)

                 Registering, but not testifying:


                                 Barksdale, Jay (Dallas Regional Chamber)

                                 Beard, Amy (SouthWest Water Company)

                                 Blanton, Paul (Oncor)

                                 Brown, Jay (Talisman Energy)

                                 Brown, Jay (Valero)

                                 Brown, Kirby (Ducks Unlimited)

                                 Cannon, Thure (Texas Pipeline Association)

                                 Carter, Teddy (Texas Independent Producers and Royalty Owners Association)

                                 Chisum, Warren (Self)

                                 Davis, Tricia (Self; Texas Royalty Council)

                                 Deadrick, June (CenterPoint Energy)

                                 Dow, Jim (Pioneer Natural Resources)

                                 Dwyer, James (Self; Ch2m hill)

                                 Ellmer, Mindy (Tarrant Regional Water District)

                                 Firmin, Liza (Chesapeake Energy)

                                 Fisseler, Gene (NRG Energy)

                                 Francis, Lauren (City of El Paso)

                                 Garcia, Joe (The City Of McAllen)

                                 Gentsch, Denise (Self; Texas Seed Trade Assn)

                                 Geske, Matthew (Fort Worth Chamber of Commerce)

                                 Gibson, Stephanie (Texas Retailers Association and Scotts Miracle Gro Company)

                                 Haughton, Andrea (Texas Apartment Association)

                                 Hazlewood, Steve (The Dow Chemical Company)

                                 Hodges, Chastity (Office of the mayor of austin)

                                 Hosek, Chris (Linn Energy)

                                 Hosek, Chris (Texas Water Recycling Association)

                                 Hosek, Chris (BG Group)

                                 Howard, Jay (Texas Irrigation Council)

                                 Igo, Shanna (Texas Municipal League)

                                 Jones, Max (The Greater Houston Partnership)

                                 Kelly, Mary (Self)

                                 Lee, Donald (Texas Conference of Urban Counties)


                                                                                    WITNESS LIST


                                 McCollough, Parker (Entergy Texas, Inc.)

                                 Moore, Julie (Occidental Petroleum)

                                 Oefinger, David (Plains Cotton Growers)

                                 Oefinger, David (Texas Pest Management Association)

                                 Oney, Jessica (Energy Future Holdings)

                                 Pate, Gardner (Phillips 66)

                                 Patterson, TJ (City of Fort Worth)

                                 Phillips, Matt (Brazos River Authority)

                                 Reaves, Jim (Texas Nursery & Landscape Association)

                                 Reilly, Wendy (The Technology Association of America-TechAerica)

                                 Reilly, Wendy (The Technology Association of America-TechAmerica)

                                 Reinhart, Patrick (El Paso Electric Company)

                                 Ruckel, Grant (Energy Transfer)

                                 Saunders, Robert M. (Self; Red Bluff Water Power Control District)

                                 Stevens, Bill (Texas alliance of energy producers)

                                 Sugg, Paul (Texas Association of Counties)

                                 Tagliabue, Tom (City of Corpus Christi)

                                 Tarlton, Patrick (American Electric Power)

                                 Tredway, CJ (Central Harris County Regional Water Authority)

                                 Tredway, CJ (Independent Electrical Contractors of Texas)

                                 Valdez, Jerry (Self; Texas Alliance of Water Providers)

                                 Vaughan, Dee (Self; Corn Producers Association of Texas)

                                 Williams, C. E. (Pahandle Groundwater Conservation District)

                                 Williams, Julie (Chevron USA, Inc.)