Amend CSSB 709 (senate committee printing) by inserting the following new SECTION 4 of the bill and renumbering the existing SECTIONS of the bill appropriately:
SECTION 4.  Section 5.552(b), Water Code, is amended by adding Subdivision (3) to read as follows:
(3)  the applicant shall provide a complete copy of the initial application to the commission, and the Commission shall post a copy of the initial application on a publicly accessible internet website at the beginning of the public notice period, which shall remain accessible and updated until the commission reaches a final decision on the application. It shall be the duty of the commission to;
(A)  post all subsequent revisions and supplements to the application until a final decision has been reached on the application, and
(B)  the applicant shall not be held liable if the commission fails to post all parts of the application on the internet website as it was provided by the applicant to the commission, at the time public notice or other portions of the application were due to the commission as determined by the applicable governing sections of code for said portion of the application.