Senate Research Center

H.B. 426

84R17145 TSR-D

By: Howard; Geren (Schwertner)


Natural Resources & Economic Development










Currently, state agencies are required to list job openings with the Texas Workforce Commission (TWC). However, not all agencies are required to accept applications from the TWC online application system, Inconsistent use of the website is a barrier to qualified applicants, who must enter the same work history information multiple times through the website and other agency-specific application processes. Streamlining the employment application process across agencies and job postings for similar positions will help Texas agencies attract highly-qualified employees.


H.B. 426 seeks to require all state agencies, excluding institutions of higher education and university systems, to accept applications through the website.


H.B. 426 amends current law relating to the acceptance of employment applications through the online system for listing state agency employment openings maintained by the Texas Workforce Commission.




This bill does not expressly grant any additional rulemaking authority to a state officer, institution, or agency.




SECTION 1.  Amends Subchapter A, Chapter 656, Government Code, by adding Section  656.002, as follows:


Sec. 656.002.  ONLINE STATE AGENCY EMPLOYMENT APPLICATIONS.  (a) Defines "state agency."


(b)  Requires that the online system for listing state agency employment openings maintained by the Texas Workforce Commission (TWC) allow an applicant for employment to complete a single state application online and enter the application into an online database from which the applicant may electronically send the application to multiple state agencies.


(c)  Requires TWC to:


(1)  prescribe a standard electronic format for the online application described by Subsection (b); and


(2)  ensure that TWC's online system allows an applicant to submit and a state agency to receive an online application for state agency employment.


(d)  Requires a state agency to accept an application for an employment opening from the online system maintained by TWC.


(e)  Provides that this section does not prohibit a state agency from accepting an application for an employment opening in a manner other than the manner described by this section.


SECTION 2.  Effective date: September 1, 2015.