84R9410 JSC-D
  By: Klick H.B. No. 2950
  relating to the Task Force on Infectious Disease Preparedness and
         SECTION 1.  Chapter 81, Health and Safety Code, is amended by
  adding Subchapter J to read as follows:
         Sec. 81.401.  DEFINITION. In this subchapter, "task force"
  means the Task Force on Infectious Disease Preparedness and
         Sec. 81.402.  TASK FORCE; DUTIES.  (a)  The Task Force on
  Infectious Disease Preparedness and Response is created as an
  advisory board to the governor.
         (b)  The task force shall:
               (1)  provide expert, evidence-based assessments,
  protocols, and recommendations related to state responses to
  infectious diseases, including Ebola, and a strategic emergency
  management plan for state and local levels of government;
               (2)  develop a comprehensive plan to ensure that Texas
  is prepared for the potential of widespread outbreak of infectious
  diseases, such as the Ebola virus, and can provide rapid response
  that effectively protects the safety and well-being of citizens of
  this state;
               (3)  evaluate the supplies and resources available to
  address an infectious disease outbreak; and
               (4)  serve as a reliable and transparent source of
  information and education for Texas leadership and citizens.
         (c)  In developing the plan described by Subsection (b)(2),
  the task force shall:
               (1)  use the significant expertise of medical
  professionals in Texas and other states;
               (2)  collaborate with local government officials and
  local health officials;
               (3)  use, as practicable, the Texas Emergency
  Preparedness Plan and structure;
               (4)  identify various responses necessary in the event
  of an epidemic of infectious disease;
               (5)  establish a command and control structure that
  will ensure effective preparations and response if the governor
  takes emergency action under Chapter 418, Government Code, or other
  law; and
               (6)  coordinate with appropriate entities to ensure
  public awareness and education regarding any pandemic threat.
         Sec. 81.403.  APPOINTMENT OF MEMBERS; TERMS.  (a)  The
  governor may appoint members of the task force as necessary,
  including members from relevant state agencies, members with
  expertise in infectious diseases and other issues involved in the
  prevention of the spread of infectious diseases, and members from
  institutions of higher education in this state.
         (b)  The governor shall appoint a director of the task force
  from among the members of the task force.
         (c)  The governor may fill any vacancy that occurs on the
  task force and may appoint additional members as needed.
         (d)  Members of the task force serve at the pleasure of the
         (e)  A state or local employee appointed to the task force
  shall perform any duties required by the task force in addition to
  the regular duties of the employee.
         Sec. 81.404.  REPORTS. (a)  The task force shall report to
  the governor, legislature, Texas Medical Board, and any relevant
  medical associations as often as necessary to make recommendations
  for updating protocols for addressing infectious diseases.
         (b)  The task force shall make written reports on its
  findings and recommendations, including legislative
  recommendations, to the governor and legislature on December 1 of
  each even-numbered year.
         Sec. 81.405.  MEETINGS. (a)  The task force shall meet at
  times and locations as determined by the director of the task force. 
         (b)  The task force may meet telephonically.
         (c)  The task force may hold public hearings to gather
  information. The task force shall endeavor to meet in various parts
  of the state to encourage local input.
         (d)  The task force may meet in executive session to discuss
  matters that are confidential by state or federal law or to ensure
  public security or law enforcement needs.
         Sec. 81.406.  ADMINISTRATIVE SUPPORT. State agencies with
  members on the task force shall provide administrative support for
  the task force.
         Sec. 81.407.  REIMBURSEMENT. Task force members serve
  without compensation and are not entitled to reimbursement for
  travel expenses.
         SECTION 2.  On the effective date of this Act, a member
  serving on the Task Force on Infectious Disease Preparedness and
  Response created by executive order of the governor continues to
  serve on the Task Force on Infectious Disease Preparedness and
  Response under Subchapter J, Chapter 81, Health and Safety Code, as
  added by this Act.
         SECTION 3.  This Act takes effect immediately if it receives
  a vote of two-thirds of all the members elected to each house, as
  provided by Section 39, Article III, Texas Constitution.  If this
  Act does not receive the vote necessary for immediate effect, this
  Act takes effect September 1, 2015.