84R15388 T
  By: Paddie H.B. No. 3942
  relating to the authority to determine the supply of groundwater in
  certain regional water plans.
         SECTION 1.  Section 16.053(e), Water Code, is amended to
  read as follows:
         (e)  Each regional water planning group shall submit to the
  development board a regional water plan that:
               (1)  is consistent with the guidance principles for the
  state water plan adopted by the development board under Section
               (2)  provides information based on data provided or
  approved by the development board in a format consistent with the
  guidelines provided by the development board under Subsection (d);
               (2-a)  is consistent with the desired future conditions
  adopted under Section 36.108 for the relevant aquifers located in
  the regional water planning area as of the date the board most
  recently adopted a state water plan under Section 16.051 or, at the
  option of the regional water planning group, established subsequent
  to the adoption of the most recent plan; provided, however, that if
  no groundwater conservation district exists within the area of the
  regional water planning group, the regional water planning group
  shall determine the supply of groundwater for regional planning
               (3)  identifies:
                     (A)  each source of water supply in the regional
  water planning area, including information supplied by the
  executive administrator on the amount of modeled available
  groundwater in accordance with the guidelines provided by the
  development board under Subsections (d) and (f);
                     (B)  factors specific to each source of water
  supply to be considered in determining whether to initiate a
  drought response;
                     (C)  actions to be taken as part of the response;
                     (D)  existing major water infrastructure
  facilities that may be used for interconnections in the event of an
  emergency shortage of water;
               (4)  has specific provisions for water management
  strategies to be used during a drought of record;
               (5)  includes but is not limited to consideration of
  the following:
                     (A)  any existing water or drought planning
  efforts addressing all or a portion of the region;
                     (B)  approved groundwater conservation district
  management plans and other plans submitted under Section 16.054;
                     (C)  all potentially feasible water management
  strategies, including but not limited to improved conservation,
  reuse, and management of existing water supplies, conjunctive use,
  acquisition of available existing water supplies, and development
  of new water supplies;
                     (D)  protection of existing water rights in the
                     (E)  opportunities for and the benefits of
  developing regional water supply facilities or providing regional
  management of water supply facilities;
                     (F)  appropriate provision for environmental
  water needs and for the effect of upstream development on the bays,
  estuaries, and arms of the Gulf of Mexico and the effect of plans on
                     (G)  provisions in Section 11.085(k)(1) if
  interbasin transfers are contemplated;
                     (H)  voluntary transfer of water within the region
  using, but not limited to, regional water banks, sales, leases,
  options, subordination agreements, and financing agreements; and
                     (I)  emergency transfer of water under Section
  11.139, including information on the part of each permit, certified
  filing, or certificate of adjudication for nonmunicipal use in the
  region that may be transferred without causing unreasonable damage
  to the property of the nonmunicipal water rights holder;
               (6)  identifies river and stream segments of unique
  ecological value and sites of unique value for the construction of
  reservoirs that the regional water planning group recommends for
  protection under Section 16.051;
               (7)  assesses the impact of the plan on unique river and
  stream segments identified in Subdivision (6) if the regional water
  planning group or the legislature determines that a site of unique
  ecological value exists;
               (8)  describes the impact of proposed water projects on
  water quality; and
               (9)  includes information on:
                     (A)  projected water use and conservation in the
  regional water planning area; and
                     (B)  the implementation of state and regional
  water plan projects, including water conservation strategies,
  necessary to meet the state's projected water demands.
         SECTION 2.  This Act takes effect September 1, 2015.