By: Coleman H.B. No. 4079
  relating to student fees at the University of Houston System.
         SECTION 1.  Subchapter E, Chapter 54, Education Code, is
  amended by adding Section 54.503 to read as follows:
         Sec. 54.503.  STUDENT SERVICES FEES. (a) For the purposes of
  this section:
               (1)  "Student services" means activities which are
  separate and apart from the regularly scheduled academic functions
  of the institution and directly involve or benefit students,
  including textbook rentals, recreational activities, health and
  hospital services, medical services, intramural and
  intercollegiate athletics, artists and lecture series, cultural
  entertainment series, debating and oratorical activities, student
  publications, student government, the student fee advisory
  committee, student transportation services other than services
  under Sections 54.504, 54.511, 54.512, and 54.513 of this code, and
  any other student activities and services specifically authorized
  and approved by the governing board of the institution of higher
  education. The term does not include services for which a fee is
  charged under another section of this code.
               (2)  "Compulsory fee" means a fee that is charged to all
  students enrolled at the institution.
               (3)  "Voluntary fee" means a fee that is charged only to
  those students who make use of the student service for which the fee
  is established.
         (b)  The governing board of an institution of higher
  education may charge and collect from students registered at the
  institution fees to cover the cost of student services. The fee or
  fees may be either voluntary or compulsory as determined by the
  governing board. The total of all compulsory student services fees
  collected from a student at an institution of higher education
  other than The University of Texas at Austin or a component
  institution of the University of Houston System for any one
  semester or summer session shall not exceed $250. All compulsory
  student services fees charged and collected under this section by
  the governing board of an institution of higher education, other
  than a public junior college, shall be assessed in proportion to the
  number of semester credit hours for which a student registers. No
  portion of the compulsory fees collected may be expended for
  parking facilities or services, except as related to providing
  shuttle bus services.
         (c)  The provisions of this section do not affect the
  building use fees or other special fees authorized by the
  legislature for any institution for the purpose of financing
  revenue bond issues.
         (d)  All money collected as student services fees shall be
  reserved and accounted for in an account or accounts kept separate
  and apart from educational and general funds of the institution and
  shall be used only for the support of student services. All the
  money shall be placed in a depository bank or banks designated by
  the governing board and shall be secured as required by law. Each
  year the governing board shall approve for the institution a
  separate budget for student activities and services financed by
  fees authorized in this section. The budget shall show the fees to
  be assessed, the purpose or functions to be financed, the estimated
  income to be derived, and the proposed expenditures to be made.
  Copies of the budgets shall be filed annually with the coordinating
  board, the governor, the legislative budget board, and the state
         (e)  Repealed by Acts 2011, 82nd Leg., R.S., Ch. 359, Sec.
  16(2), eff. January 1, 2012.
         (f)  If the total compulsory fee charged under this section
  is more than $150, the increase does not take effect unless the
  increase is approved by a majority vote of the students voting in an
  election held for that purpose or by a majority vote of the student
  government at the institution. In subsequent years, an election
  authorizing a fee increase must be held before the fee can be
  increased by more than 10 percent of the fee approved at the last
  student election.
         (g)  If a student registers at more than one institution of
  higher education within a college or university system under
  concurrent enrollment provisions of joint or cooperative programs
  between institutions, the student shall pay all compulsory student
  services fees to the institution designated as the home institution
  under the joint or cooperative program. The governing board of the
  college or university system may waive the payment of all
  compulsory student services fees at the other institution or
         (h)  Except for Subsection (g) of this section, this section
  does not apply to The University of Texas at Austin or a component
  institution of the University of Houston System.
         (i)  General revenue appropriations, other educational and
  general income, and funds appropriated under Article VII, Section
  17 or 18, of the Texas Constitution may be expended on a
  proportional use basis to support the services, activities, and
  facilities provided for in this section to the extent that the use
  of such funds is not otherwise restricted by the Texas Constitution
  or general law.
         (j)  Student fees at the University of Houston System shall
  be used for their intended purposes.
         SECTION 2.  This Act takes effect September 1, 2015.