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  By: Larson H.C.R. No. 79
         WHEREAS, Pop music superstar Phil Collins has donated his
  magnificent collection of historical artifacts to the State of
  Texas for display at the Alamo; and
         WHEREAS, Born in London in 1951, Mr. Collins became
  interested in the Battle of the Alamo as a boy while watching the
  classic Walt Disney television series Davy Crockett, King of the
  Wild Frontier; his interest in collecting was sparked in 1994, when
  his wife gave him a receipt for a saddle sold by John W. Smith, a
  courier who departed from the Alamo before the battle and who
  eventually became the first mayor of San Antonio; subsequently, he
  received more such presents, and he began purchasing items
  connected to the Alamo and early Texas history; and
         WHEREAS, On his second visit to San Antonio in 2004,
  Mr. Collins formed a friendship with the owner of the History Shop,
  located just a short distance from the mission; the ground under the
  store had never been excavated, so Mr. Collins arranged for and
  participated in a historical dig that recovered a host of
  significant objects; in addition, he made possible the installation
  in the History Shop of a large diorama of the Alamo compound, and he
  recorded narration that enhances its depiction of the positions of
  Texian defenders during the attack; he also recognized the
  importance of George Nelson's book The Alamo: An Illustrated
  History and funded two reprintings of the work; and
         WHEREAS, In 2009, Mr. Collins was named an honorary member of
  a chapter of the Sons of the Republic of Texas and was featured as a
  guest speaker at the Remembrance Ceremony hosted by the Alamo
  Defenders Descendants Association; he was subsequently awarded an
  honorary doctorate in history by McMurry University; moreover, he
  authored a beautifully illustrated book, The Alamo and Beyond: A
  Collector's Journey, which received a 2013 Publication Award from
  the San Antonio Conservation Society; and
         WHEREAS, Over the years, Mr. Collins assembled what is now
  considered the world's largest private collection of Alamo and
  Texas Revolution artifacts; it includes hundreds of documents,
  among them a letter from Stephen F. Austin and an 1835 grant of land
  to Sam Houston, as well as a rifle and leather pouch owned by David
  Crockett and a knife carried in battle by Jim Bowie; and
         WHEREAS, The donation of this phenomenal collection will
  greatly enhance the experience of visitors to the Alamo, providing
  them with a greater understanding and appreciation of the famous
  battle and its place in the arc of history; Phil Collins has long
  been admired by innumerable fans across Texas for his musical
  accomplishments, and by sharing his love of our frontier heritage
  through this superlative gift, he has earned the lasting respect
  and gratitude of all residents of the Lone Star State; now,
  therefore, be it
         RESOLVED, That the 84th Legislature of the State of Texas
  hereby recognize Phil Collins as an honorary Texan and commend him
  for the generous donation of his remarkable collection of
  historical artifacts; and, be it further
         RESOLVED, That an official copy of this resolution be
  prepared for Mr. Collins as an expression of high regard by the
  Texas House of Representatives and Senate.