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  By: Otto H.R. No. 282
         WHEREAS, Members of Leadership Southeast Texas are gathering
  at the State Capitol on February 3, 2015, to celebrate the
  achievements of their region; and
         WHEREAS, An educational and charitable corporation,
  Leadership Southeast Texas serves Chambers, Hardin, Jasper,
  Jefferson, Liberty, Newton, Orange, and Tyler Counties, along with
  the Bolivar Peninsula of Galveston County; it was founded in 1992 to
  identify and motivate leaders in the region and to provide
  opportunities for leadership development and networking among
  decision makers and stakeholders while contributing to economic
  advancement; and
         WHEREAS, This exemplary program has an impressive business
  member network of more than 1,100 graduate members who currently
  reside and work around Texas and the world; through nearly 550
  business affiliations, they continue to serve as ambassadors for
  Southeast Texas and the entire Lone Star State; and
         WHEREAS, Leadership Southeast Texas identifies and studies
  issues of significance to area business development, and it
  encourages innovative approaches to these issues; moreover, it
  promotes professional interaction and communication with state
  leaders; and
         WHEREAS, In today's globalized society, communities are
  increasingly affected by national and international economic
  forces; local communities are often on the front lines of change,
  and input is especially valuable to establish the foundations for
  future progress; however, events and needs are often greater than
  one city or county can address alone, and the leadership group
  fosters a regional and statewide perspective; such an approach is
  particularly vital in Southeast Texas, where natural and energy
  resources play major roles in the national and global economies,
  and where the impact from Hurricanes Rita, Humberto, and Ike
  continues to be felt; and
         WHEREAS, The future of the region will be determined by its
  young people, and in 2011, the organization launched the Youth
  Leadership Southeast Texas program to provide sustainable
  development of leadership skills and civic engagement in diverse
  student populations; day-long conferences sharpen skills and allow
  participants to choose community projects to implement in their
  hometowns; today, the youth program counts 400 graduates from 10
  counties; and
         WHEREAS, Representing 115 businesses, organizations, and
  governmental entities, the members of Leadership Southeast Texas
  are champions of regional prosperity, and it is indeed fitting to
  recognize their substantial contributions to this state; now,
  therefore, be it
         RESOLVED, That the House of Representatives of the 84th Texas
  Legislature hereby recognize February 3, 2015, as Leadership
  Southeast Texas Day at the State Capitol and extend to the visiting
  delegation sincere best wishes for a productive and enjoyable time
  in Austin; and, be it further
         RESOLVED, That an official copy of this resolution be
  prepared for Leadership Southeast Texas as an expression of high
  regard by the Texas House of Representatives.