84R8596 JGH-D
  By: Nevárez H.R. No. 716
         WHEREAS, The Hesles family has an impressive history of
  business success in Eagle Pass; and
         WHEREAS, In 1934, the Hesles Food Store was founded by
  Alfredo Napoles Hesles and his wife, Bertha; after serving his
  nation in World War II, Mr. Hesles returned to Eagle Pass and
  diversified his business holdings, purchasing the historic Lane
  Motel and reopening it as the Hesles Motel; and
         WHEREAS, Alfredo and Bertha's son, Richard Hesles, and his
  wife, Angelica, took over the store during the 1980s, and expanded
  the business further to include real estate; and
         WHEREAS, Although Richard Hesles passed away in 2010,
  Angelica Hesles and their children continue to run the Hesles
  family enterprises, including their store, now known as Hesles
  Sporting Goods; and
         WHEREAS, In September 2012, this flagship business was the
  first to take part in the Eagle Pass Store Front Restoration
  Program, and Mrs. Hesles and her family are among the biggest
  supporters of the city's Main Street Program; and
         WHEREAS, Family businesses are essential to the prosperity
  and well-being of Texas communities, and the Hesles family may
  indeed reflect with pride on their eight decades of serving their
  friends and neighbors in Eagle Pass; now, therefore, be it
         RESOLVED, That the House of Representatives of the 84th Texas
  Legislature hereby recognize Hesles Sporting Goods Day and extend
  to the Hesles family sincere best wishes for the future; and, be it
         RESOLVED, That an official copy of this resolution be
  prepared for the Hesles family as an expression of high regard by
  the Texas House of Representatives.