By: Taylor of Galveston, et al. S.C.R. No. 24
  WHEREAS, Our nation is fortunate to have sons and daughters
  whose love of country is such that they are willing to risk their
  lives in its defense, and they are truly deserving of the utmost
  respect and gratitude; and
         WHEREAS, Legions of Americans stepped forward to serve their
  nation in the aftermath of September 11, 2001, and their unwavering
  resolve to combat terrorism in the Global War on Terror helped
  ensure the safety of millions of people back home and around the
  globe; and
         WHEREAS, Almost 7,000 United States service members,
  including 600 Texans, have died in the war to date, and countless
  more American troops have been wounded; sharing in those sacrifices
  have been their families and friends; and
         WHEREAS, Under Chapter 443, Government Code, and rules of the
  State Preservation Board, a portion of the north Capitol grounds is
  available for new monuments, subject to legislative approval,
  specified procedural requirements, the provision of funding from
  private donors, conformity to certain size and design limitations
  and parameters, and completion on a timely basis; and
         WHEREAS, Members of the Texas Legislature find that a
  commemorative monument recognizing those Texans who served during
  the Global War on Terror would be a worthy addition to the Capitol
  grounds; now, therefore, be it
         RESOLVED, That the 84th Legislature of the State of Texas
  hereby authorize the State Preservation Board, subject to state law
  and rules of the board, to approve and permit the construction of a
  monument at the state Capitol Complex, at a site outside the
  historic Capitol grounds, honoring Texans who served during the
  Global War on Terror as part of the United States armed forces and
  their families; and, be it further
         RESOLVED, That the Texas secretary of state forward an
  official copy of this resolution to the executive director of the
  State Preservation Board.