Daily House Calendar

Thursday, May 21, 2015



********** GENERAL STATE CALENDAR **********

SB 757              Perry / et al.

SP: Springer

Relating to the repeal of the production taxes on crude petroleum and sulphur.

SB 760              Schwertner / et al.

SP: Price

Relating to provider access and assignment requirements for a Medicaid managed care organization.

SB 1756             Taylor, Van

SP: Phillips

Relating to agreements between the Department of Public Safety and counties for the provision of renewal and duplicate driver's license and other identification certificate services; authorizing a fee.

SB 1512             Hancock

SP: Pickett

Relating to the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles fund.

SB 46               Zaffirini

SP: Raymond

Relating to the confidentiality of certain property tax appraisal photographs.

SB 735              Fraser / et al.

SP: King, Ken

Relating to discovery of evidence of the net worth of a defendant in connection with a claim for exemplary damages.

SB 239              Schwertner / et al.

SP: Zerwas / Coleman

Relating to student loan repayment assistance for certain mental health professionals.

SB 664              Taylor, Van / et al.

SP: Sheets

Relating to employment termination for falsification of military record in obtaining employment or employment benefits.

SB 849              Bettencourt

SP: Elkins

Relating to access to and fees associated with binding arbitration of appraisal review board orders.

SB 1139             Huffman / et al.

SP: Smithee

Relating to the operation and administration of and practice in courts in the judicial branch of state government, the composition of certain juvenile boards, and the increase of certain filing fees.

SB 1356             Hinojosa

SP: Darby

Relating to exemption from the sales tax for certain water-efficient products for a limited period.

SB 917              Seliger

SP: King, Ken

Relating to the applicability of the Texas Mass Gatherings Act to certain horse and greyhound races.

SB 582              Kolkhorst

SP: Harless

Relating to training courses for certain food handlers.

SB 1301             Perry

SP: Lucio III

Relating to the governance and administration of the Texas Water Resources Finance Authority.

SB 1189             Seliger

SP: Zerwas

Relating to the establishment of a multidisciplinary studies associate degree program at each public junior college.

SB 761              Creighton

SP: Murphy

Relating to the taxation of fireworks.

SB 1750             West / et al.

SP: Murphy

Relating to the requirements for employment positions provided through the Texas college work-study program.

SB 1589             Zaffirini

SP: Guillen

Relating to requirements for reporting unclaimed mineral proceeds to the comptroller of public accounts.

SB 2065             Estes / et al.

SP: Sanford / Cook / Geren / Harless / Farney

Relating to the rights of certain religious organizations and individuals relating to a marriage that violates a sincerely held religious belief.

SB 1105             Eltife

SP: Cook

Relating to fire inspections by the state fire marshal for state-owned and state-leased buildings.

SB 752              Bettencourt / et al.

SP: Murphy

Relating to the repeal of the inheritance tax.

SB 1308             MenÚndez

SP: King, Susan

Relating to veterans services information provided to veterans who receive driver's licenses and personal identification certificates.

SB 1115             Campbell

SP: White, James

Relating to a program allowing certain military voters on active duty overseas to cast a ballot electronically.

SB 654              Eltife

SP: Workman

Relating to regulation of rates and policy forms for certain commercial lines of insurance.

SB 790              Kolkhorst

SP: Fletcher

Relating to the procedures applicable to the revocation of a person's release on parole or to mandatory supervision.

********** RESOLUTIONS CALENDAR **********

HR 1215             Capriglione

Petitioning Congress to instruct the Transportation Security Administration to accept concealed handgun licenses as valid forms of identification.

HR 1605             Faircloth

Expressing a commitment to the elimination of illegal fishing and urging Congress to take action to end illegal, unreported, and unregulated fishing in our sovereign waters.

HCR 75              Thompson, Senfronia

Encouraging the State Preservation Board and the director of the Bullock Texas State History Museum to establish a museum of Texas music history as a permanent and integral program within the Bullock Museum.