Supplemental House Calendar

Thursday, April 30, 2015



********** GENERAL STATE CALENDAR **********

SB 125              West / et al.

SP: Naishtat

Relating to certain assessments for children in the conservatorship of the Department of Family and Protective Services.

********** MAJOR STATE CALENDAR **********

HB 1786             Dutton

Relating to the transfer of driver and traffic safety education from the Texas Education Agency and the Department of Public Safety to the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation; changing the amounts of certain fees; amending a provision subject to a criminal penalty.

********** GENERAL STATE CALENDAR **********

HB 66               González, Mary / Lucio III / Moody

Relating to the consideration of the performance of students of limited English proficiency on state assessment instruments and inclusion of related information in campus report cards.

HB 1841             Bonnen, Greg

Relating to the applicability of the sales and use tax to certain insurance services.

HB 2536             Harless / Dutton / Davis, Sarah

Relating to jurisdiction in an eminent domain proceeding in Harris County.

HB 1293             Alvarado / Herrero / Davis, Sarah / Dale / Moody / et al.

Relating to the confidentiality of identifying information of victims of stalking; creating a criminal offense.

HB 1661             Guerra / Muñoz, Jr. / Lucio III / Zerwas / Sheffield / et al.

Relating to Medicaid billing for the services of substitute dentists.

HB 1584             Farias / Moody / Walle / Rodriguez, Justin / Guillen

Relating to a voluntary donation to the fund for veterans' assistance when applying for a hunting or fishing license.

HB 1539             Meyer / Anchia / Fallon

Relating to increasing the criminal penalties in certain circumstances for insider trading and other misuse of official information by public servants.

HB 1212             Price / Coleman / Naishtat / Zerwas / Bonnen, Greg / et al.

Relating to the designation and regulation of abusable synthetic substances, the emergency scheduling of certain controlled substances, and the prosecution and punishment of certain offenses involving a controlled substance or controlled substance analogue.

HB 1282             Zerwas / Howard / Davis, Sarah / Sheffield / Farrar / et al.

Relating to a human papillomavirus-associated cancer strategic plan developed by the Department of State Health Services.

HB 1140             Israel / White, James / King, Susan / Coleman / Stickland / et al.

Relating to reports regarding the confinement of pregnant prisoners in county jails.

HB 1924             Coleman / Zerwas

Relating to the authority of a psychologist to delegate certain care to an intern.

HB 1929             Rose

Relating to the payment in certain counties of expenses associated with the transportation of county residents and visitors for civic, community, educational, and recreational activities.

HB 825              Giddings / White, Molly

Relating to procedures for identifying any Native American heritage of children in certain hearings in suits affecting the parent-child relationship.

HB 473              Giddings / Guillen

Relating to a prohibition on the sale or transfer of certain law enforcement vehicles before removal of certain equipment and insignia.

HB 545              Dutton

Relating to the enforcement of an order to pay child support by contempt.

HB 821              Sheets / Larson / Fallon / Anchia

Relating to the requirements of certain minors applying for a hunting or fishing license.

HB 923              Flynn / Fallon

Relating to the issuance of 36th Infantry Division specialty license plates and souvenir license plates.

HB 2261             Villalba / King, Phil

Relating to the transfer or termination of certain timeshare interests.

HB 1248             Lucio III / Cyrier

Relating to the renewal or amendment of certain permits issued by groundwater conservation districts.

HB 1164             VanDeaver / González, Mary / Guillen / Huberty / et al.

Relating to the assessment of public school students in writing and English language arts.

********** POSTPONED BUSINESS **********

HB 1618             King, Ken

Relating to the period of eligibility for support from the universal service plan for certain providers.

HB 3442             Raney / Turner, Chris

Relating to a surcharge imposed for the use of a debit card or stored value card; providing a civil penalty.

HB 861              Dale / King, Phil / Sheffield / Burkett / Frullo / et al.

Relating to the prosecution of the offense of online solicitation of a minor.

********** POSTPONED BUSINESS **********

HB 2848             Crownover / Howard / Darby / Clardy / Keffer / et al.

Relating to the amount and allocation of the annual constitutional appropriation to certain agencies and institutions of higher education.

********** MAJOR STATE CALENDAR **********

HB 13               Pickett / Phillips / Martinez, "Mando" / Simmons / Burkett / et al.

Relating to categories of and funding allocation for transportation projects by the Texas Department of Transportation and local transportation entities.

HB 20               Simmons / Pickett / Burkett / Phillips / Goldman / et al.

Relating to the operations of and transportation planning and expenditures by the Texas Department of Transportation and local transportation entities.

HB 3123             Price

Relating to governmental entities subject to the sunset review process.


HJR 13              Pickett / Otto / Harless / Parker / Davis, Yvonne / et al.

Proposing a constitutional amendment temporarily dedicating a portion of the revenue derived from the state sales and use tax to the state highway fund.

********** GENERAL STATE CALENDAR **********

HB 26               Button / Rodriguez, Eddie / Ashby / Springer / Parker / et al.

Relating to state economic development measures, including administration of the Texas Enterprise Fund, creation of the Economic Incentive Oversight Board and the governor's university research initiative, abolishment of the Texas emerging technology fund and certain programs administered by the Texas Economic Development Bank, and renaming the Major Events trust fund to the Major Events Reimbursement Program.

HB 2031             Lucio III / Keffer / Hunter / Miller, Doug / Workman

Relating to the diversion, treatment, and use of marine seawater and the discharge of treated marine seawater and waste resulting from the desalination of marine seawater; adding provisions subject to a criminal penalty.

HB 1051             Wray

Relating to the creation of a campus of the Texas State Technical College System in Ellis County.

HB 175              Miller, Rick / Sheffield / Cyrier / Zerwas / Farias / et al.

Relating to the establishment of the Veterans Recovery Pilot Program to provide certain veterans with hyperbaric oxygen treatment.

HB 189              Thompson, Senfronia / Moody

Relating to the elimination of the statute of limitations for the offenses of sexual assault and aggravated sexual assault.

HB 1865             Morrison / Deshotel / Smith / Harless / Bonnen, Dennis / et al.

Relating to procedures for certain environmental permit applications.

HB 218              Márquez / Moody / González, Mary

Relating to certification requirements for teachers in bilingual education.

HB 298              Wu / Morrison / Alvarado / King, Ken / McClendon

Relating to measures to facilitate the transfer, academic progress, and timely graduation of students in public higher education.

HB 158              Larson / Keffer / Smith / Kacal / et al.

Relating to the allocation and use of the proceeds from taxes imposed on the sale, storage, or use of sporting goods.

HB 255              Guerra / Raney / Muñoz, Jr. / Sheffield / Lucio III

Relating to certain fees charged for the adjudication of pharmacy benefit claims.

HB 2182             Clardy / Kuempel / Faircloth

Relating to the collection and refunding of certain fees and deposits by a county clerk or district clerk; increasing certain fees.

HB 484              Capriglione / Raney / Murr / Howard

Relating to the eligibility of a person to be a candidate for or holder of a public elective office.

HB 574              Bonnen, Greg

Relating to the operation of certain managed care plans with respect to health care providers; amending provisions subject to a criminal penalty.

HB 684              Sheets

Relating to the authority of a county to adopt a fire code.

HB 48               McClendon / Leach / Herrero / Moody / et al.

Relating to the creation of a commission to review convictions after exoneration and to prevent wrongful convictions.

HB 716              Lozano

Relating to the certification of certain peace officers to enforce commercial motor vehicle safety standards.

HB 885              Paddie / et al.

Relating to the meetings of certain county bail bond boards.