Sunday, May 31, 2015





********** CONFERENCE COMMITTEE **********

Conference Committee Reports:

ELIGIBLE AT 5:10 PM MAY 30, 2015:

SB 20               Nelson / et al.

SP: Price / Cook / Raymond / Kuempel

Relating to state agency contracting; authorizing fees; creating an offense.

ELIGIBLE AT 6:40 PM MAY 30, 2015:

HB 3123             Price

Relating to governmental entities subject to the sunset review process.

ELIGIBLE AT 12:40 AM MAY 31, 2015:

SB 11               Birdwell / et al.

SP: Fletcher

Relating to the carrying of handguns on the campuses of and certain other locations associated with institutions of higher education; providing a criminal penalty.

ELIGIBLE AT 8:50 AM MAY 31, 2015:

HB 2641             Zerwas / Guillen / Shaheen

Relating to the exchange of health information in this state; creating a criminal offense.

ELIGIBLE AT 11:10 AM MAY 31, 2015:

SB 1191             Seliger / et al.

SP: Crownover

Relating to the amount and allocation of the annual constitutional appropriation to certain agencies and institutions of higher education.

ELIGIBLE AT 12:00 PM MAY 31, 2015:

HB 2019             Craddick

Relating to the authority of certain counties to impose a hotel occupancy tax.

ELIGIBLE AT 12:10 PM MAY 31, 2015:

HB 2633             Hernandez / Rodriguez, Justin / Clardy / Murr

Relating to the release of a motor vehicle accident report; amending a provision subject to a criminal penalty.

ELIGIBLE AT 12:30 PM MAY 31, 2015:

SB 1139             Huffman / et al.

SP: Smithee / Raymond / Oliveira

Relating to the operation and administration of and practice in courts in the judicial branch of state government, the composition of certain juvenile boards, and the increase of certain filing fees.

HB 2968             Guillen / Bernal / Larson

Relating to the preservation of the Alamo complex.

ELIGIBLE AT 12:40 PM MAY 31, 2015:

HB 1585             Paul

Relating to the use of hotel occupancy tax revenue in certain municipalities.

ELIGIBLE AT 12:50 PM MAY 31, 2015:

SB 1071             Hinojosa

SP: Thompson, Senfronia

Relating to requiring notice of the scheduling of an execution date and the issuance of a warrant of execution.

ELIGIBLE AT 1:00 PM MAY 31, 2015:

HB 483              Capriglione / Fletcher / Flynn / Longoria / Parker / et al.

Relating to the establishment and administration of a state bullion depository; authorizing fees.

ELIGIBLE AT 1:10 PM MAY 31, 2015:

HB 1915             Herrero / Hunter

Relating to the allocation of state hotel occupancy tax revenue to certain barrier island coastal municipalities.

ELIGIBLE AT 1:20 PM MAY 31, 2015:

HB 2645             Blanco / Alvarado / Fallon / Herrero

Relating to the prosecution of certain offenses involving family violence and to the violation of certain court orders or conditions of bond in a family violence, sexual assault or abuse, or stalking case.

ELIGIBLE AT 1:30 PM MAY 31, 2015:

HB 3535             Collier / Alvarado / Bernal

Relating to low income housing tax credits awarded for certain developments.

ELIGIBLE AT 1:40 PM MAY 31, 2015:

HB 2150             Alvarado / Herrero / Riddle / Moody / Wu

Relating to the organization of a grand jury.

ELIGIBLE AT 1:50 PM MAY 31, 2015:

SB 1465             Watson

SP: Phillips

Relating to creating limited purpose disaster declaration authority for the governor.

ELIGIBLE AT 2:00 PM MAY 31, 2015:

HB 743              Huberty / Isaac / et al.

Relating to the essential knowledge and skills of the required public school curriculum and to certain assessment instruments for public school students.

ELIGIBLE AT 2:40 PM MAY 31, 2015:

SB 1882             Zaffirini

SP: Thompson, Senfronia

Relating to a bill of rights for wards under guardianship.

ELIGIBLE AT 2:50 PM MAY 31, 2015:

HB 2205             Crownover / VanDeaver

Relating to the State Board for Educator Certification, educator preparation programs, and educator certification.

ELIGIBLE AT 3:00 PM MAY 31, 2015:

HB 4175             Thompson, Senfronia

Relating to eminent domain powers of certain conservation and reclamation districts.

ELIGIBLE AT 3:20 PM MAY 31, 2015:

SB 551              Seliger

SP: Keffer

Relating to the duty of the Water Conservation Advisory Council to submit a report and recommendations regarding water conservation in this state.

ELIGIBLE AT 3:30 PM MAY 31, 2015:

SB 1338             Perry

SP: Springer

Relating to an exemption from length limitations for certain vehicles or combinations of vehicles used to transport harvest machines.

ELIGIBLE AT 3:50 PM MAY 31, 2015:

HB 3615             Isaac

Relating to the use of hotel occupancy tax revenues in certain municipalities and the authority of certain counties to impose a county hotel occupancy tax; authorizing the imposition of a tax.

HB 1305             Bonnen, Greg / Paul

Relating to a program to provide a free or reduced-price breakfast to eligible students attending a public school and the method of determining the number of educationally disadvantaged students.

SB 1756             Taylor, Van

SP: Phillips

Relating to agreements between the Department of Public Safety and counties for the provision of renewal and duplicate driver's license and other identification certificate services; authorizing a fee.

ELIGIBLE AT 4:10 PM MAY 31, 2015:

HB 3405             Isaac / Rodriguez, Eddie

Relating to the territory, jurisdiction, board composition, elections, and powers of the Barton Springs-Edwards Aquifer Conservation District, including its authority to regulate certain wells for the production of groundwater; imposing a cap on certain fees.

SB 313              Seliger

SP: Aycock

Relating to the essential knowledge and skills of the required public school curriculum, the administration of and reports relating to assessment instruments administered to public school students, the instructional materials allotment, and proclamations for the production of instructional materials.

ELIGIBLE AT 4:30 PM MAY 31, 2015:

SB 523              Birdwell / et al.

SP: Keffer

Relating to the sunset review of river authorities.

HB 991              Bohac / Capriglione / Villalba / Fallon

Relating to the display of notice of federal and state tax rates for motor fuel sold at retail.

ELIGIBLE AT 4:50 PM MAY 31, 2015:

HB 1559             Parker / Minjarez

Relating to public school Internet website information concerning local programs and services available to assist homeless students.

ELIGIBLE AT 5:10 PM MAY 31, 2015:

SB 1630             Whitmire

SP: Turner, Sylvester / Rose / Larson / Wu / Dutton

Relating to the commitment of juveniles in post-adjudication secure correctional facilities operated by the Texas Juvenile Justice Department and by local probation departments.

SB 1964             Hinojosa

SP: Martinez, "Mando"

Relating to the imposition of additional fees for filing civil cases and for recording certain documents in Hidalgo County and Cameron County.

ELIGIBLE AT 5:20 PM MAY 31, 2015:

HB 6                Otto / Frank / et al.

Relating to the creation and re-creation of funds and accounts, the dedication and rededication of revenue, and the exemption of unappropriated money from use for general governmental purposes.

ELIGIBLE AT 5:40 PM MAY 31, 2015:

HB 3106             Huberty / Phelan

Relating to the period of time allowed for appointment of a board of managers for a school district.

HB 824              Kuempel

Relating to the sale of alcoholic beverages to customers of a package store during certain hours.

ELIGIBLE AT 5:50 PM MAY 31, 2015:

SB 1007             Eltife

SP: Kuempel

Relating to the practices and professions regulated by the Texas Appraiser Licensing and Certification Board.

HB 18               Aycock / Workman / Schubert / Galindo / Peña

Relating to college and career readiness training for certain public school counselors and postsecondary advisors.

ELIGIBLE AT 6:00 PM MAY 31, 2015:

HB 408              Turner, Chris / Keffer / Flynn / Martinez Fischer / et al.

Relating to the retirement benefits for certain elected state officials.

HB 2804             Aycock / Meyer

Relating to evaluation of public school performance.

SB 1316             Watson

SP: Alvarado

Relating to the system by which an application for a low income housing tax credit is scored.

ELIGIBLE AT 6:30 PM MAY 31, 2015:

SB 1999             Menéndez

SP: Coleman

Relating to adult day services facilities.

ELIGIBLE AT 6:40 PM MAY 31, 2015:

SB 507              Lucio / et al.

SP: Thompson, Senfronia

Relating to the placement and use of video cameras in self-contained classrooms providing special education services.

ELIGIBLE AT 7:30 PM MAY 31, 2015:

HB 382              Canales / Longoria / Martinez, "Mando" / Guillen / Lucio III

Relating to public junior college district branch campuses, including a requirement that the South Texas Community College District establish an extension facility in a certain location.

ELIGIBLE AT 7:40 PM MAY 31, 2015:

HB 3736             Davis, Sarah / Fallon

Relating to conflicts of interest by members of state agency governing boards and governing officers; creating a criminal offense.

ELIGIBLE AT 7:50 PM MAY 31, 2015:

HB 1842             Aycock / Dutton / Bohac / Rodriguez, Eddie / Farney

Relating to public school accountability, including the expansion of or renewal of the charter of an open-enrollment charter school and the intervention in and sanction of a public school that has received an academically unsuccessful performance rating for at least two consecutive school years.

ELIGIBLE AT 8:00 PM MAY 31, 2015:

HB 2162             Simmons

Relating to municipal regulation of the use of alarm systems; authorizing a municipal fee.

HB 1396             Workman

Relating to the construction of certain statutes and rules that create or define criminal offenses and penalties and a review of certain penal laws of this state.

ELIGIBLE AT 8:20 PM MAY 31, 2015:

HB 928              Guillen

Relating to state and local planning for and responses to drought.

ELIGIBLE AT 9:00 PM MAY 31, 2015:

HB 2291             Parker / Meyer / Frullo / Villalba / Fallon / et al.

Relating to increasing the punishment for certain persons convicted of the offense of possession or promotion of child pornography.

SB 632              Fraser / et al.

SP: Button / Ashby / Johnson / Anderson, Charles "Doc" / Faircloth

Relating to the abolishment of the Texas emerging technology fund.

ELIGIBLE AT 9:20 PM MAY 31, 2015:

HB 1905             Springer / Simmons / Goldman / Wray / Fallon

Relating to the repeal of certain alcoholic beverage taxes and the tax on controlled substances.

HB 26               Button / Rodriguez, Eddie / Ashby / Springer / Parker / et al.

Relating to state economic development measures, including abolishment of the Texas emerging technology fund, creation of the governor's university research initiative, and the administration of programs to support certain events.

ELIGIBLE AT 9:30 PM MAY 31, 2015:

HB 1295             Capriglione / Geren / Fallon

Relating to the disclosure of interested parties by persons contracting with governmental entities and state agencies.

ELIGIBLE AT 11:20 PM MAY 31, 2015:

HB 15               Otto / Walle / et al.

Relating to the management and oversight of state contracts, including contracts for information technology commodity items.