Senate Bills Returned from House with Amendments for 5/18/2015



May 18, 2015

SB 66 Hinojosa SP: Crownover/ et al.

Relating to the use of epinephrine auto-injectors on public school and open-enrollment charter school campuses and at or in transit to or from off-campus school events.

SB 359 West/ et al. SP: Workman

Relating to the authority of a peace officer to apprehend a person for emergency detention and the authority of certain facilities and physicians to temporarily detain a person with mental illness.

SB 373 West SP: Rose

Relating to increased oversight by the Department of State Health Services of hospitals that commit certain violations.

SB 684 Taylor, Larry/ et al. SP: Bonnen, Greg

Relating to the designation of certain optometrists, therapeutic optometrists, and ophthalmologists as preferred providers.

SB 805 Campbell/ et al. SP: Raney/ et al.

Relating to the employment of individuals qualified for a veteran's employment preference.

SB 1081 Creighton SP: Huberty

Relating to the disclosure of certain information under a consolidated insurance program.

SB 1107 Eltife SP: Smithee

Relating to contingent deferred annuity contracts.

SB 1191 Seliger/ et al. SP: Crownover

Relating to the amount and allocation of the annual constitutional appropriation to certain agencies and institutions of higher education.

SB 1593 Lucio/ et al. SP: Lucio III

Relating to regulation of the sale of fireworks by certain municipalities.

SB 1889 Zaffirini/ et al. SP: Burkett/ et al.

Relating to the definition of neglect of a child, the exclusion of certain information from the Department of Family and Protective Services central registry of child abuse or neglect cases, and the report of certain information regarding those cases to the legislature.