Senate Bills Returned from House with Amendments for 5/29/2015



May 29, 2015

SB 108 Whitmire/ et al. SP: Thompson, Senfronia

Relating to certain criminal procedures for misdemeanor offenses committed by children.

SB 135 Whitmire/ et al. SP: Dutton/ et al.

Relating to the organization of a grand jury.

SB 142 Garcia/ et al. SP: Klick

Relating to the appointment and training of volunteer deputy registrars.

SB 287 West SP: Smithee

Relating to the elimination of certain court fees and costs.

SB 630 Rodríguez/ et al. SP: Dale

Relating to protective orders for certain victims of sexual assault or abuse, stalking, or trafficking.

SB 740 West SP: Canales

Relating to the assessment of court costs and fees on conviction of multiple offenses or on conviction of multiple counts of the same offense.

SB 825 Huffman/ et al. SP: Thompson, Senfronia

Relating to the prosecution of the offense of prostitution.

SB 907 Perry SP: Frullo

Relating to the powers and duties of the board of regents of the Texas Tech University System and to workers' compensation coverage for employees of the system's components.

SB 995 Rodríguez SP: Wray

Relating to decedents' estates.

SB 1004 Bettencourt SP: Thompson, Senfronia

Relating to courses and programs offered jointly by certain public junior colleges and independent school districts.

SB 1034 Rodríguez/ et al. SP: Miller, Rick

Relating to the applicability of canceling an annual application for a ballot to be voted by mail to subsequent elections.

SB 1073 Zaffirini SP: Rodriguez, Eddie

Relating to the requirements for a candidate's application or nomination for a place on the ballot and related procedures.

SB 1309 Menéndez SP: Deshotel

Relating to the establishment of a Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps teaching certificate and eligibility of such certified teacher for other educator certification.

SB 1317 Menéndez SP: Miller, Doug/ et al.

Relating to the prosecution of the offense of invasive visual recording.

SB 1337 Perry SP: Lucio III

Relating to the authority of the Texas Water Development Board to provide financial assistance to political subdivisions for water supply projects.

SB 1364 Kolkhorst/ et al. SP: Burkett

Relating to electronic filing of certain reports.

SB 1369 Zaffirini/ et al. SP: Smithee

Relating to reports on attorney ad litem, guardian ad litem, guardian, mediator, and competency evaluator appointments made by courts in this state and an interim study on a billing system for attorneys ad litem.

SB 1459 Bettencourt SP: Bohac

Relating to the powers and duties of the West Harris County Regional Water Authority.

SB 1510 Hancock SP: Zedler

Relating to authority of the county auditor to examine and audit the records of certain special districts.

SB 1624 Rodríguez/ et al. SP: Márquez

Relating to a requirement that certain entering students at a general academic teaching institution receive information regarding mental health and suicide prevention services.

SB 1812 Kolkhorst/ et al. SP: Geren

Relating to transparency in the reporting and public availability of information regarding eminent domain authority; providing a civil penalty.

SB 1824 Campbell/ et al. SP: King, Susan

Relating to a study and report on the awarding of the Texas Legislative Medal of Honor.

SB 1867 Zaffirini SP: Aycock

Relating to excluding certain adult students receiving special education services from computation of completion rates for purposes of public school accountability.

SB 1913 Perry SP: Smithee

Relating to a court administrator in certain counties.

SB 1928 Seliger SP: Price

Relating to ensuring local governmental and community input in any federal refugee resettlement program established in this state.

SB 2002 Creighton SP: Bell

Relating to the powers and duties of the Montgomery County Municipal Utility District No. 111; providing authority to issue bonds and impose fees and taxes.