COMMITTEE:   Human Services 

TIME & DATE: 2:00 PM or upon final adjourn./recess
Monday, April 20, 2015 

PLACE:       E2.030 
CHAIR:       Rep. Richard Peńa Raymond 


HB 1393       Turner, Sylvester
Relating to the establishment of a home and community-based services program under the Medicaid program for certain persons with severe and persistent mental illness.

HB 2070       Thompson, Senfronia
Relating to exempting certain foster homes that provide shelter to victims of human trafficking from certain notification and hearing requirements.

HB 3036       Martinez, "Mando"
Relating to a study on the savings to the state achieved by the expansion of Medicaid managed care in regards to the number of persons served and the scope of services provided.

HB 1041       Collier                
Relating to administrative and judicial review of certain Medicaid reimbursement disputes.

HB 1268       Frank                  
Relating to monetary assistance by the Department of Family and Protective Services for day-care services provided to foster parents and relative or designated caregivers.

HB 1337       Naishtat               
Relating to requiring institutions and assisted living facilities to maintain guardianship orders of residents.

HB 2048       Naishtat               
Relating to the delivery of mental health services and supports under a system of care framework to minors who have or are at risk of developing a serious emotional disturbance or who are at risk of being removed from the minor's home.

HB 2087       Allen                  
Relating to the development of healthy nutrition and physical activity guidelines for licensed child-care providers, public school teachers, and public school administrators.

HB 2433       Burkett                
Relating to the functions of the Department of Family and Protective Services and procedures applicable to suits affecting the parent-child relationship, investigations of child abuse and neglect, and conservatorship of a child; affecting fee amounts and authorizing an administrative penalty.

HB 2588       Naishtat               
Relating to disclosures by nursing homes and assisted living facilities regarding certification or classification to provide specialized care, treatment, or personal care services to residents with Alzheimer's disease or related disorders; adding requirements for an occupational license.

HB 2631       Rose                   
Relating to hazardous duty pay for certain employees working at state supported living centers and state hospitals.

HB 2655       Frank                  
Relating to day care assistance and to requiring the Department of Family and Protective Services to study the effectiveness of the relative and other designated caregiver program.

HB 2697       Galindo | et al.       
Relating to services provided by continuing care facilities.

HB 3076       Rose                   
Relating to the improvement of efficiencies in benefit applications submitted to the Health and Human Services Commission.

HB 3410       Schaefer               
Relating to the authority of the Health and Human Services Commission to employ peace officers.

HB 3551       White, James           
Relating to the authorization of health care providers charging a fee for the production of records associated with applications for certain assistance benefits programs.

HB 3624       Zedler                 
Relating to authorizing supported decision-making agreements for certain adults with disabilities.

HB 3658       King, Susan            
Relating to the development and administration of a parent orientation and education pilot program for recipients of subsidized child-care services.

HB 3678       Rodriguez, Justin      
Relating to the office of independent ombudsman for the Department of Family and Protective Services.

HB 3917       Klick                  
Relating to a prohibition of recoupment of payments on certain provider claims made under the Medicaid program.

HB 4119       Hughes                 
Relating to investigations of and procedures for reports of child abuse and neglect.

HB 4121       Hughes                 
Relating to service plans and placements for children under the care of the Department of Family and Protective Services.


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HB 2070

HB 3036


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