COMMITTEE:     Health & Human Services 

TIME & DATE:   1:00 PM, Monday, April 06, 2015 

PLACE:         Senate Chamber 
CHAIR:         Senator Charles Schwertner 



Public testimony will be limited to 3 minutes. If submitting written testimony, please provide 20 copies with your name on each.


SB 571         Rodríguez               
Relating to the regulation of the practice of dental hygiene.

SB 706         Garcia                  
Relating to classification of a liquid substance used to fill an electronic cigarette as a hazardous substance.

SB 1128        Zaffirini               
Relating to certain diagnostic testing during pregnancy.

SB 1129        Zaffirini               
Relating to the transportation of a person with a mental illness.

SB 1243        Burton                  
Relating to donation of unused prescription drugs.

SB 1279        Campbell | et al.       
Relating to designated emergency infant care providers for certain abandoned children.

SB 1462        West                    
Relating to the prescription, administration, and possession of certain opioid antagonists for the treatment of suspected opioid overdoses.

SB 1496        Uresti                  
Relating to background checks conducted by the Department of Family and Protective Services for certain child-care providers.

SB 1540        Perry                   
Relating to the authority of the Health and Human Services Commission to obtain criminal history record information of certain applicants for employment and current employees.

SB 1699        Huffman                 
Relating to the designation of May as Postpartum Depression Awareness Month.

SB 1999        Menéndez                
Relating to adult day care.



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