COMMITTEE:    Veteran Affairs & Military Installations-S/C Border Security 

TIME & DATE:  8:00 AM, Monday, May 18, 2015 

PLACE:        2E.20 (Betty King Cmte. Rm.) 
CHAIR:        Senator Brian Birdwell 



The Subcommittee will consider the following:


HB 229        Guillen | et al.        SP: Zaffirini
Relating to the disposition of certain surplus motor vehicles and other law enforcement equipment by the Texas Facilities Commission.

HB 1481       Murphy | et al.         SP: Birdwell
Relating to prohibiting the operation of an unmanned aircraft over certain facilities; creating a criminal offense.

HB 2827       Phillips                SP: Garcia
Relating to the definition of homeland security activity.

HB 11         Bonnen, Dennis | et al. SP: Birdwell
Relating to the powers and duties of the Texas Department of Public Safety and the investigation, prosecution, punishment, and prevention of certain offenses; creating an offense and increasing a criminal penalty.

Public testimony will be limited to 2 minutes.