HB 200

              Senate Committee Report

              Agriculture, Water & Rural Affairs

              May 11, 2015 - 2:00 PM or upon adjournment


                                          Embrey, Ty   Attorney  (Middle Trinity GCD and Real Edwards Conservation and

                                          Reclamation District), Austin, TX

                                          Embrey, Ty    (Clearwater UWCD), Austin, TX

                                          Johnson, Russell   Attorney  (End Op LP), Austin Tx, TX

                                          Mccarthy, Ed   Attorney  (Forestar real estate usa. Electro purification llc? Fort stockton

                                          holdings LP, CWEI), Austin, TX

                                          Sledge, Brian   Attorney  (Co-Chair, TWCA Groundwater Legislative Stakeholders

                                          Committee; Upper Trinity GCD; Prairielands GCD; North Texas GCD; and Lone Star

                                          GCD), Austin, TX


                                          Ellis, Gregory    (Bee Groundwater Conservation District), League City, TX

                                          Everheart, Harvey   General Manager  (Mesa UWCD), Lamesa, TX

                                          Williams, C.E.   General Manager  (Self; Panhandle Groundwater Conservation District),

                                          White Deer, TX

                       Registering, but not testifying:


                                          Aaron, Dirk   Clearwater UWCd  (Clearwater UWCD), Belton, TX

                                          Deshields, Holly    (City of San Antonio), Austin, TX

                                          Fowler, Perry   Executive Director  (Texas Water Infrastructre Network (TxWIN)), Austin,


                                          Howe, Billy   State Legislative Director  (Texas Farm Bureau), Austin, TX

                                          Jerram, Bill   Manager, Governmental Relations  (Lower Colorado River Authority

                                          (LCRA)), Austin, TX

                                          Koegler, Brenda   Mrs  (Self; League of Women Voters of Texas), Austin, TX

                                          Minick, Stephen   Vice President for Government Affairs  (Texas Asssociation of

                                          Business), Austin, TX

                                          Oefinger, David    (Plains Cotton Growers), Austin, TX

                                          Park, Joey    (Texas Wildlife Association), Austin, TX

                                          Sellers, Tom    (ConocoPhillips), Austin, TX

                                          Skaggs, Jason    (Texas and SW Cattle Raisers Association), Austin, TX

                                          Small, Ed    (Self; Texas forestry assn), Austin, TX

                                          Tredway, CJ    (TXOGA), Austin, TX

                                          Wells, Hope   Water Resources Counsel  (San Antonio Water System), San Antonio, TX

                                          Winegarner, Josh   Director of Government Relations  (Texas Cattle Feeders Association),

                                          Amarillo, TX


                                          Gaines, Jimmy    (Texas landowners council), Austin, TX


                                          Mace, Robert    (Twdb), Austin, TX


                                                                              WITNESS LIST

              HB 200

              Senate Committee Report

              Agriculture, Water & Rural Affairs

                                          Reynolds, Joe    (Twdb), Austin, TX