HB 2647

              Senate Committee Report

              Natural Resources & Economic Development

              May 19, 2015 - 9:00 AM


                                          Moore, William    (Luminant Generation Co.), Austin, TX


                                          Evans, Jay    (Texas & SW Cattle Raisers Assoc.), Dripping Springs, TX

                                          Reed, Cyrus    (Sierra Club Lone Star Chapter), Austin, TX

                                          Yeates, David    (Texas Wildlife Association), San Antonio, TX


                                          Steinbach, Stacey    (Texas Alliance of Groundwater Districts), Austin, TX

                                          Williams, C.E.    (Panhandle Groundwater Conservation Dist.), White Deer, TX

                       Registering, but not testifying:


                                          Bell, Wendell    (Texas Public Power Association), Austin, TX

                                          Blevins, Ches    (Texas Mining & Reclamation Assn.), Austin, TX

                                          Craven, Eric    (Texas Electric Cooperatives), Austin, TX

                                          Cubriel, Randy    (Nucor), Austin, TX

                                          Fainter Jr., John W.    (The Association of Electric Companies of Texas, Inc.), Austin, TX

                                          Hughes, Lindsey    (Texas Competitive Power Advocates (TCPA)), Austin, TX

                                          McCollough, Parker    (NRG Energy, Inc.), Austin, TX

                                          McGinnis, Larry    (Exelon Corporation), Austin, TX

                                          Minick, Stephen    (Texas Association of Business), Austin, TX

                                          Nasi, Mike    (Water - Energy Nexus for TX, Balanced Energy for TX), Austin, TX

                                          Simpson, Stephanie    (Texas Assn of Manufacturers), Austin, TX

                                          Stevens, Bill    (TX Alliance of Energy Producers), Austin, TX

                                          Torres, Kari    (CPS Energy), San Antonio, TX

                                          Zachary, Mance    (Luminant), Austin, TX


                                          Park, Joey    (South Texas Property Rights Association), Austin, TX

                                          Stewart, Lonnie    (McMullen, Bee, & Live Oak GCD), George West, TX

                                          Turner, Robert (Bob)    (West Texas Ground Water Management), Voss, TX


                                          Lloyd, Brian    (Public Utility Commission of Texas), Austin, TX

                                          Mills, Kelly    (TCEQ), Austin, TX