HJR 61


              Culture, Recreation & Tourism Committee

              March 24, 2015 - 2:00 PM or upon final adjourn./recess

                       For :

                                 Favia del Core Borromeo, Marida (Self; Exotic Wildlife Association)

                                 Linder, Robert (Self; Texas Outdoor Partners)

                                 Tripp, Alice (Texas State Rifle Association)

                                 Yeates, David (Texas Wildlife Associatiom)

                       On :

                                 Houston, Scott (Texas Municipal League)

                                 Merz, Evelyn (Lone star chapter sierra club)

                       Registering, but not testifying:

                       For :

                                 Berlanga, Hugo (Self)

                                 Booth, Michael (Self)

                                 Carter, Ben (Self; Dallas Safari Club)

                                 Flint, Marla (Self; Southwestern Jones County Taxpayers Association)

                                 Howell, Corey (Texas Chapter of the Wildlife Society)

                                 Hufford, Ronald (Texas Forestry Association)

                                 Mabry, Milam (Self; Dallas Safari Club)

                                 McLaurin, Kaleb (Texas and Southwestern Cattle Raisers Association)

                                 Mica, Tara (National Rifle Association)

                                 Wallace, Ceci (Texas Deer Association)

                       Against :

                                 Weist, Jon (City of Irving)

                                 Williams, Nancy (City of Austin)

                       On :

                                 Bright, Ann (Texas Parks and Wildlife Department)

                                 Weist, Jon (City of Irving)