SB 4

              Senate Committee Report


              March 26, 2015 - 8:00 AM


                                          Garcia, Imelda   Character Coach I Parent  (Jubilee Academic Center), Brownsville, TX

                                          Garza, Charlie   Former Member State Board of Education  (Self) , Grand Praire, TX

                                          Garza Jr., Gonzalo   Parent/ Charter School District  (Jubilee Academic Center), Rancho

                                          Viejo, TX

                                          Gonzales, Charlene G    (Self) , San Anton, TX

                                          Grusendorf, Kent   Director Center for Education Freedom  (TPPF), Austin, TX

                                          Johnson, Ronald E.   Founder/President Paradigm Alternative Centers  (Organization and

                                          advocate for Father-challenged teenagers), Zophyr, TX

                                          Miller, Matt   Managing Attorney  (Institute for Justice), Austin, TX

                                          Perry, Nathaniel   Mr  (Self; Citizen), S.A., TX

                                          Perry, Tammy    (Self) , SA, TX

                                          Shreve, Deneen   Instructor  (Self) , The Woodlands, TX

                                          Shumate, Jabar   Dir of Legislative Affairs  (American Federation for Children), Broken

                                          Arrow, OK

                                          Tatum, Sr., Rev. Kyev P.   President  (Southern Christian Leadership Conference), Fort

                                          Worth, TX

                                          Yancy, Justin   Executive Director  (Texas Business Leadership Council), Austin, TX


                                          Allmon, Jennifer   Assoc. Director  (Texas Catholic Conference of Bishops), Austin, TX

                                          Anthony, David   CEO  (also providing written testimony)  (Raise Your Hand Texas),

                                          Austin, TX

                                          Bamberg, Wanda   Superintendent  (also providing written testimony)  (Aldine ISD and

                                          Texas School Alliance), Houston, TX

                                          Barzano, Lorie   Chair  (also providing written testimony)  (Coalition SAUS (Strengthen

                                          Austin Urban Schools)), Austin, TX

                                          Boggs, Leslie   Texas PTA President  (also providing written testimony)  (Texas PTA),

                                          Odessa, TX

                                          Broyles, Bobby   President for  (Pastors for Texas Children), Ballinger, TX

                                          Colangelo, Laura   Executive Director  (Texas Private Schools Association), Austin, TX

                                          Exter, Monty   Lobbyist  (The Association of Texas Professional Educators), Austin, TX

                                          Frandsen, Barbara    (also providing written testimony)  (League of Women Voters of

                                          Tex), Austin, TX

                                          Graves, Ashlea   Director, Government Relations  (also providing written testimony) 

                                          (Houston ISD), Houston, TX

                                          Grey, John   Government Relations Specialist  (Texas State Teachers Association), Austin,


                                          Gustafson, Lindsay    (Texas Classroom Teachers Assoc.), Austin, TX

                                          Guzman, Samuel   Member of TLEC  (also providing written testimony)  (Tx Latino

                                          Education Coalition (TLEC)), Austin, TX


                                                                              WITNESS LIST

              SB 4

              Senate Committee Report


                                          Henderson, Kyle   Pastor  (Self; First Baptist Athens, Pastors for Texas Children, Christian

                                          Life Commission), Athens, TX

                                          Huerta - Teachers College - Columbia University, Luis   Associate Professor of Education

                                          & Public Policy  (also providing written testimony)  (Self; Raise Your Hand Texas), New

                                          York, NY

                                          Lilly, Janna   Director of Govermental Relations  (TCASE, Texas Council of

                                          Administrators of Special Education), Austin, TX

                                          Luke, Charles   Coordinator- Coalition for Public Schools  (also providing written

                                          testimony)  (Coalition for Public Schools), Austin, TX

                                          Malfaro, Louis   President Texas AFT  (also providing written testimony)  (Texas

                                          American Federation of Teachers (Texas AFT)), Austin, TX

                                          Moorhead, Bee   Executive Director  (Texas Impact), Austin, TX

                                          Reyes, Phd (Gus), Agustin   Director, Christian Life Commission  (also providing written

                                          testimony)  (Texas Baptists), Cedar Park, TX

                                          St-John, Becky   Trustee  (Self; TASB, GCISD), Grapevine, TX


                                          Byer, Von   General Counsel  (Texas Education Agency), Austin, TX

                                          Ladner, Matthew   Senior Advisor For Policy And Research  (Excel in Ed), Phoenix, AZ

                                          Swanson, Steve   Volunteer serving students  (also providing written testimony)  (Self;

                                          Retired bus. exec & engineer), Austin, TX

                       Registering, but not testifying:


                                          Edwards, Rosemary    (Self) , Austin, TX

                                          Espinoza Jr, Raul   TX Policy Analyst  (The LIBRE Intiative), Arlington, VA

                                          Hammond, Bill   CEO  (TX Association of Business), Austin, TX

                                          Hodge, Glenna   Consultant  (Conservative Republicans of Texas & Campaign for Texas

                                          Families), Burnet, TX

                                          Venable, Peggy   Policy director  (Americans for Prosperity), Austin, TX


                                          Banks, Yannis   Legislative Liaison  (Texas NAACP), Austin, TX

                                          Cornell, Victor   Statewide Advocacy Manager  (American Civil Liberties Union of

                                          Texas), Austin, TX

                                          Garcia, Emmanuel   Deputy Executive Director  (Texas Democratic Party), Austin, TX

                                          Lara, Rene   Legislative Dir.  (Texas AFL-CIO), Austin, TX

                                          Littles, Paula   Texas Lead  (Texas NNOC), Austin, TX

                                          Miller, Katherine   President  (Texas Freedom Network), Austin, TX

                                          Motheral, Mike   Executive Director  (Small Rural School Finance Coalition), Lubbock,


                                          Pace, Kendall   Board of Trustee, AustiL Independent School District  (Self; AISD),

                                          Austin, TX

                                          Patterson, Jeff   Executive Director  (Texas Catholic Conference of Bishops), Austin, TX


                                                                              WITNESS LIST

              SB 4

              Senate Committee Report


                                          Pena, Martin   Executive Director  (South Texas Association of Schools), Laguna Vista,


                                          Perkins, Crystal   Executive Director  (Texas Democratic Party), New Braunfels, TX

                                          Rogers, Don   Executive Director  (Texas Rural Education Assn.), Buda, TX

                                          Rome, Christy   Executive Director  (Texas School Coalition), Austin, TX

                                          Sills, Edward    (Self) , Austin, TX

                                          Teich, Ann   Board Trustee - Austin ISD  (Austin ISD), Austin, TX

                                          Terry, Mark   Deputy Executive Director  (Texas Elementary Principals and Supervisors

                                          Association), Austin, TX

                                          Villanueva, Chandra   Policy Analyst  (Center for Public Policy Priorities), Austin, TX


                                          Dawn-Fisher, Lisa   Chief School Finance Officer  (Texas Education Agency), Austin, TX

                       Providing written testimony:


                                          Anderson, David D.   Consultant to the Arlington ISD Board of Trustees  (Arlington ISD

                                          Board of Trustees), Austin, TX

                                          Canales, Ramiro   Assistant Executive Director - Governmental Relations  (Texas

                                          Association of School Administrators), Austin, TX

                                          Duron, Dr. Jodi   Superintendent  (Elgin ISD & Texas Association for Community

                                          Schools), Elgin, TX

                                          Haenisch, Barry   Executive Director  (Texas Association of Community Schools), Austin,


                                          Holbrook, Lisa   President - Elect  (Texas PTA), Houston, TX

                                          Statman, Rona   Dir. Family Support  (The Arc of Texas), Austin, TX

              April 7, 2015 - 9:00 AM


                                          Allmon, Jennifer   Associate Director  (Texas Catholic Conference of Bishops), Austin, TX

                                          Colangelo, Laura   Executive Director  (Texas Private Schools Association), Austin, TX