SB 219

                Senate Committee Report

                Health & Human Services

                February 25, 2015 - 1:30 PM


                                                 Davidson, John   Director, Center for Healthcare Policy  (also providing written testimony) 

                                                 (Texas Public Policy Foundation), Austin, TX

                                                 Dunkelberg, Anne   Associate Director  (also providing written testimony)  (Center for

                                                 Public Policy Priorities), Austin, TX

                                                 Gleis, Radhia   President, Texas Chapter, Legislative Representative  (IAACN, Texas

                                                 Health Freedom Coalition), Austin, TX

                                                 Lee, Gaylene   President-Elect  (Texas Society for Respiratory Care), San Antonio, TX

                                                 McCarthy, Peter   Chair  (also providing written testimony)  (Texas Health Freedom

                                                 Coalition), Austin, TX

                                                 Perry, Janet    (Self) , Austin, TX


                                                 Newman, Jeremy   Policy Director  (Texas Home School Coalition), Austin, TX

                                                 Wood, Cecilia    (Self; Texas Home School Coalition), Austin, TX


                                                 Carmical, Audrey   Director of Policy and Program Support  (Department of Family and

                                                 Protective Services), Austin, TX

                                                 Hines, Harrison   Legislative Director  (Texas State Employees Union), Austin, TX

                                                 Levine, Ken   Director  (Sunset Commission), Austin, TX

                                                 Ogle, Steven   General Counsel  (Sunset Commission), Austin, TX

                                                 Spiller, Lee   Executive Director  (Citizens Commission on Human Rights), Austin, TX

                          Registering, but not testifying:


                                                 Camacho, Jose   Executive Director  (Texas Association of Community Health Centers,

                                                 Inc.), Austin, TX

                                                 Demartini, Lynn   Homeopath  (Homeopathy Center of Houston), McDade, TX

                                                 Finch, Dan   Director of Legislative Affairs  (Texas Medical Association), Austin, TX

                                                 Friese, Jan   Executive Director  (Texas Counseling Association), Austin, TX

                                                 Graziani, Cate   Policy Fellow  (Mental Health America of Texas), Austin, TX

                                                 Harris, Ashley   Policy Associate  (Texans Care for Children), Austin, TX

                                                 Johnson, Lee   Deputy Director  (Texas Council of Community Centers), Austin, TX

                                                 Kroll, Carrie   Vice President Advocacy, Health Policy and Quality  (Texas Hospital

                                                 Association), Austin, TX

                                                 Lewis, Kathryn   Attorney  (Disability Rights Texas), Austin, TX

                                                 Martinez, Diana   Director of Public Policy  (Texas Assisted Living Association), Austin,


                                                 McKinney, Colleen   Mental Health Policy Fellow  (National Association of Social

                                                 Workers / Texas), Austin, TX

                                                 McPeters, Pamela   Director of Public Policy  (TexProtects / Texas Association for the

                                                 Protection of Children), Austin, TX


                                                                                          WITNESS LIST

                SB 219

                Senate Committee Report

                Health & Human Services

                                                 Olson, Kym   Board Member  (Texas Network of Youth Services), Austin, TX

                                                 Reynolds, David   Executive Director  (Texas Osteopathic Medical Association), Austin,


                                                 Sperry, Bryan   President  (Children's Hospital Association of Texas), Austin, TX

                                                 Tomlinson, Maxcine   Director of Governmental Relations  (Texas New Mexico Hospice

                                                 Organization), Austin, TX

                                                 Travis, Clayton   Policy Coordinator  (Texas Pediatric Society), Austin, TX

                                                 Woomer, Eric    (Federation of Texas Psychiatry), Austin, TX


                                                 Powell, Judy   Communications Director  (Parent Guidance Center), Austin, TX

                          Providing written testimony:


                                                 Milligan, Maureen   President/CEO  (Teaching Hospitals of Texas), Austin, TX