SB 1968

              Senate Committee Report

              State Affairs

              April 9, 2015 - 9:00 AM


                                          Carmona, Chris   Chairman  (also providing written testimony)  (Federation of Hispanic

                                          Republicans - Houston Chapter), Houston, TX

                                          Cubriel, Beth   Executive Director  (Republican Party of Texas), Austin, TX

                                          Olsen, Brian   President  (also providing written testimony)  (Self/UCJET), Coppell, TX

                                          Peacock, Bill   Vice President Research  (also providing written testimony)  (Texas Public

                                          Policy Foundation), Austin, TX


                                          Butler, Daniel    (Texas State Employees Union), Austin, TX

                                          Dewey, Andrew   Executive Vice President  (also providing written testimony)  (Houston

                                          Federation of Teachers), Houston, TX

                                          Dunlap, Traci   Teacher  (Self) , Austin, TX

                                          Grey, John   Government Relations Specialist  (Texas State Teachers Association), Austin,


                                          Hymel, Ray   Lobbyist  (also providing written testimony)  (Texas Public Employees Assn

                                          (TPEA)), Austin, TX

                                          Levy, Rick   General Counsel  (Texas AFL-CIO), Austin, TX

                                          Manson, Stephen   Parole Officer  (Texas State Employees Union), Hurst, TX

                                          Smith, Melinda    (Combined Law Enforcement Associations of Texas), Austin, TX

                       Registering, but not testifying:


                                          Bailey, Brad   President  (Keep Texas Working), Austin, TX

                                          Bauknight, Jeff   State Board Member- ABC  (Assoc. of Builders & Contractors), Victoria,


                                          Baxley, Jack   Executive Vice President  (TEXO - The Construction Association (DFW)),

                                          Dallas, TX

                                          Boney, W. Bradshaw   Principal W. Bradshaw Boney and Assoc.  (Self) , Galveston, TX

                                          Brooks, Jeffrey   Policy Analyst  (Texas Conservative Coalition), Austin, TX

                                          Burnette, Kathy   President  (ABC Texas Coastal Bend), Corpus Christi, TX

                                          Chambers, Kimberly Ryan   Vice President Membership  (Texas Federation of Republican

                                          Woman), Austin, TX

                                          DeWitt, Cathy   Vice President  (Texas Association of Business), Austin, TX

                                          Fisher, Jon   President  (Associated Builders and Contractors of Texas), Austin, TX

                                          Garrison, Russ   Director  (ABC of Texas), Keller, TX

                                          Haulotte, Brian    (Associated Builders and Contractors), Cedar Park, TX

                                          Holliman, G. Paul   Director  (ABC of Texas), Colleyville, TX

                                          Johnson, R. Wes   Lawyer  (Self) , San Antonio, TX

                                          Mackowiack, Matt   Vice Chairman  (Travis County GOP), Austin, TX

                                          Norman, Scott   Executive Director  (Texas Association of Builders), Austin, TX

                                          Olsen, Lowell A.    (Texas Voters), Rockwall, TX


                                                                              WITNESS LIST

              SB 1968

              Senate Committee Report

              State Affairs

                                          Parker, Robert   President  (REPCON, Inc.), Corpus Christi, TX

                                          Posey, Jake    (International Franchise Association), Austin, TX

                                          Roach, Joseph   Board of Directors  (Association Builders and Contractors), Portland, TX

                                          Schultz, Steven   President  (ABC S. TX), San Antonio, TX

                                          Simpson, Stephanie   Vice President  (TX Assn of Manufacturers), Austin, TX

                                          Smith, David   Vice Chair  (ABC of Central TX), Austin, TX

                                          Spilman, Annie   Legislative Director  (National Federation of Independent Business/TX),

                                          Austin, TX

                                          Steinhauser, Brendan    (Self) , Austin, TX

                                          Taylor, Corey   Project Manager/ Owner-Partner  (American Constructors, Inc.), Cedar

                                          Park, TX

                                          Tompkins, Joshua   President & CEO  (Associated Builders and Contractors - Central

                                          Texas), Austin, TX

                                          Venable, Peggy   Policy Director  (Americans for Prosperity Texas), Austin, TX

                                          Westrott, Ben   Shareholder at Andrews Myers  (ABC of Texas), Bellaire, TX

                                          Wilcox, Lawrence   General Manager  (Large and Sons FDN. Drilling), Corpus Christi, TX


                                          Aguilar, Leonard   Field Rep  (Southwest Pine Trades), San Antonio, TX

                                          Alvarado, Aidan   Vice President  (Laredo Firefighters Association), Laredo, TX

                                          Arabie, Joseph   Director  (Texas AFL-CIO), Cedar Park, TX

                                          Blount, Elizabeth   Director  (Retired State Employees Association), Austin, TX

                                          Cebulski, Mark   Executive Director  (AFSCME Texas Retirees), Austin, TX

                                          Clark, Mark   Executive Director  (Houston Police Officers' Union and Dallas Police

                                          Association), Houston, TX

                                          Craft, Lon   Director Legislative Affairs  (TMPA), Austin, TX

                                          Dailey, Sean    (Houston Professional Firefighters Association), Houston, TX

                                          Delangle, Wayne   Firefighter/paramedic  (Self) , Lakehills, TX

                                          Deshields, Glenn   Lobbyist  (Texas State Association of Fire Fighters), Austin, TX

                                          Fickel, Ann   Director of Legislation  (TX Classroom Teachers Association), Austin, TX

                                          Gallardo, Maxie   Senior Policy Analyst  (Workers Defense Project), Austin, TX

                                          Gregg, Brock   Governmental Relations Director  (Association of Texas Professional

                                          Educators), Austin, TX

                                          Hallford, Currie   Legislative Rep.  (CWA/TPLC Texas Political and Legislative Comm.),

                                          Austin, TX

                                          Hamill, Joe   Legislative and Political Director  (American Association of State County and

                                          Municipal Employees), Austin, TX

                                          Hartman, Eric   Director of Government Relations  (Texas AFT), Austin, TX

                                          Hiner, Harrison   Legislative Director  (Texas State Employees Union), Austin, TX

                                          Littles, Paula   Lead Organizer  (Texas NNOC), Austin, TX

                                          Moreno, Randy   Legislative Director  (Austin Firefighters Association), Austin, TX

                                          Peavler, Labow   President  (Comm. Worker of America Local 6132), Austin, TX


                                                                              WITNESS LIST

              SB 1968

              Senate Committee Report

              State Affairs

                                          Saavedra, Abelardo   Superintendent  (South San Antonio ISD), San Antonio, TX

                                          Smith, Jim   Board Member  (San Antonio Police Officers Association), San Antonio, TX

                                          Villarreal, Johnny   Legislative Director  (Houston Fire Fighters Local 341), Houston, TX

                       Providing written testimony:


                                          Graves, Ashlea   Government Relations Director  (Houston ISD), Houston, TX