Appropriations - S/C on Article II Committee

            February 19, 2015 - 7:30 AM

            Department of Aging and Disability Services


                                 Travis, Jamie (Self; Texas council of community centers)


                                 Bearden, Chase (Coalition of Texans with Disabilities)

                                 Berger, Melitta (LBB)

                                 Carroll, Cate (Volunteers of America Texas)

                                 Castillo, Rosemary (TTexasPace Associatuon)

                                 Cook, David (Department of Aging and Disability Seervices)

                                 Garcia, Joaquin (Texas Pace Association)

                                 Griffith, Kathy (Self)

                                 Hadley, Bryan (LBB)

                                 Hannah, Kyle (Self)

                                 Hench, Marina (Texas Association for Homecare & Hospice)

                                 Isett, Carl (Texas PACE Association)

                                 Israel, Gordon (Self; Draco Services, Inc.)

                                 Johnson, Linda (Self)

                                 Kafka, Bob (Self; Adapt)

                                 McKay, Kyle (Lbb)

                                 Morgan, Mason (Daybreak Group and Providers Alliance for Community Services of Texas)

                                 Murphree, Susan (Disability Rights Tx)

                                 Payne, Susan (Self; PART)

                                 Quereau, Jennifer (Legislative budget board)

                                 Rogers, Nona (Self)

                                 Schalchlin, Scott (Department of Aging and Disability Services)

                                 Southern, David (Self)

                                 Trost, Amy (Sunset advisory commission)

                                 Weizenbaum, Jon (Department of Aging and Disability Services)

                 Registering, but not testifying:


                                 Redman, Laura (Self)


                                 Mullarkey Miller, Nora (Self)


                                 Armond, Daniel (Golden Rule Services,Inc)

                                 Berry, Jason (Self; Berry family services)

                                 Fredriksen, Amanda (AARP)

                                 Guevara, Chris (LBB)

                                 Hernandez, Maria (Legislative Budget Board)

                                 Rodell, Leora (Legislative Budget Board)