Agriculture & Livestock Committee

            March 31, 2016 - 1:30 PM

            Exploring the impact of an open US-Cuba trading relationship on Texas


                                 Fearneyhough, Jason (Texas Department of Agriculture)

                                 Goudeau, Michael (Self)

                                 Gray, Keith (Riviana foods, Usa Rice Federation)

                                 Ribera, Luis (Texas A&M University)

                                 Scholz, Ben (Self; Texas wheat producers association)

                                 Thomas, Cynthia (Self; Texas Cuba Trade Alliance)

                                 Vaughan, Dee (Self)

                                 Wade, Patrick (Texas Grain Sorghum Association)

                 Registering, but not testifying:


                                 Brundrett, Chris (Self; Tx hill country wineries)

                                 Brundrett, Chris (Self; Texas hill country wineries)

                                 Carrasco, Corey (Self)

            Promotion of agriculture products, both nationally and internationally


                                 Albert, Merland (Julios chips & salsa)

                                 Bajaj, Laura (Texas Tea)

                                 Bessent, Kody (Plains Cotton Growers, Inc.)

                                 Brundrett, Chris (Self; Hill country wineries association)

                                 Fearneyhough, Jason (Texas Department of Agriculture)

                                 Fritz, Robert (Self; Tx hill co wineries)

                                 Kuhlken, Julie (Self; Texas Hill Country Wineries Association)

                                 Montz, Jakob (Self)